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How I use Sheet Masks (plus empties)

This post is also gonna be part II of my Empties/Review post in May. 

Before going into the different masks and their short reviews (with dozens of my silly faces)...  I would like to share some notes on me using sheet masks:
  • Time I do mask is usually after shower, at night.  Face is cleansed and/or exfoliated and/or toned.
  • Sometimes I add a layer of facial serum, some eye cream, and lip balm before the mask.
  • I unfold and apply the mask.  Starting from the middle of 2 eyes and nose, I place it down and then stretch the forehead - side of my nose - around the mouth.  
  • If there is a plastic insert with the mask, I apply the side without the insert on my face, and then peel off the insert.  The plastic insert is supposed to help you unfold the sheet mask without breaking the sheet.  *For illustration of plastic insert please see below!*
  • Referring to the above point, if there are 2 inserts of course I remove 1 prior to placing on my face!
  • I press the mask in place as fitted as possible, then I spend time on laptop.
  • As I'm using my eyesight during the 'mask-ing' session, usually I don't use the 'eye-lid' even if the mask sheet has that cutting.  Personal preference.
  • If my hands are free, e.g. while I watch youtube, I massage my face in whatever motion subconsciously, while the mask is still on.
  • After the designated time, from 5min to 20min depending on the mask really, I check with my eyes and fingers if the mask is still very wet.  If so, I let it sit a little longer, until I feel like taking it off.
  • After I take it off, I crumble up the mask, and use that to massage my neck, arms, back of hands, etc.
  • Mask is then discarded.
  • If mask requires wash-off, like the Silk Whitia ones, which I am too lazy to be fond of, I go splash my face with water.  Pat my face dry with a big towel, then tone and continue with skin care, again.
  • Otherwise, after mask, I just do eye serum - face serum - eye cream - face cream - lip balm.
Thanks Ari for inspiring me to write the above notes, hope this is of any use to anyone... And continue to comment below if you're curious of anything I do.  :P

1 - before.  2 - out of the package.  3 - 1st insert removed.  4 - 2nd insert half removed.
5 - mask on.  6 - close up.  7 - the 2 inserts and the mask removed.  8 - after.

above - me and the mask.  below - ingredients.

#149 - UNT, Ex White Intensive Facial Bio=Cellulose Micro Repair Mask (Taiwan Brand/Made)

Texture - Bio Cellulose
Cutting - Nice fit.  With eye-lid.
Scent - None as I remember.
Lotion - Boder-line none.
Effect - Skin appears significantly brighter and pores so much smaller.  Doesn't leave any liquid residue on face, but skin feel quite moist.  Definitely a Winner!
Plastic Insert? - 2 pcs!

Rating: 4/5  
Note: Want to get all the other UNT Bio Cellulose Masks!

#150 - Naruko, Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask (Taiwan brand/made)

Texture - Soft thin 'silky' shee, decent quality
Cutting - It has the hook/loop for ears, and a section to wrap the chin, so as to 'firm' the face.  However the width of the mask does not fit my face shape.  My ears nearly broke because of the mask.
Scent - When I open it, I smell the Naruko Magnolia scent.  Applied, I'd say scentless
Lotion - Thin light essence, not a lot of it.
Effect - Not too special
Plastic Insert? - Yes

Rating: OK
Note: I don't think I'm a fan of ear-loop masks (mainly marketed to help firming).

#151 -, Mask (Made in Japan)

Texture -Thick and traditional 'paper'-like
Cutting - Wide and poor, doesn't adhere to skin nicely
Scent - None as I remember.
Lotion - Very dry.  Not irritating.
Effect - Nothing
Plastic Insert? - Forgotten, probably not.

Rating: 1/5, Will not repurchase.

#152 - My Beauty Diary, Formosa White Phalaenopsis Mask (Taiwan Brand/Made)

Texture - Not the newest type of sheet (please compare with the next one).  Still soft and adheres well.
Cutting - Okay.  Wish it can cover the sidse of nose better,
Scent - Good floral.
Lotion - Nice, light.
Effect - Brightens a little.
Plastic Insert? - 1 sheet.

Rating: 3/5  
Note: The Flower Expo masks are my favs from MBD, too bad they're limited edition. :S

 #153 - My Beauty Diary, Aegean Sea Pink Rockrose (Taiwan brand/made)

Texture - The latest, very soft and thin but easy-to-break cloth.
Cutting - very nice (also wish the nose piece was bigger)
Scent - Very nice floral.
Lotion - Water, good amount.
Effect - Brightens, moisturises, makes me happy!
Plastic Insert? - Yes

Rating: Above Average
Note: Also limited edition! :S

#154 - Sophie Monk, Crystal White Double Lifting Mask *my own translation* (Made in Taiwan)

Texture - Alright.  Firm and kind of thick.
Cutting - Ear-loop design for firming.  Definitely too tight for my facial structure.  Small.
Scent - Overly perfumed.  IMO hard to bear!
Lotion - Not too moisturising, border-line sticky.
Effect - Makes me unhappy :( and slightly mositurised.
Plastic Insert? - Forgotten, probably not.

Rating: 0/5

#155 - Kracie Hadabisei, Moisturizing Facial Masks #Citrus (Made in Japan)

Texture - Slightly thick but very soft.
Cutting - Very nice.
Scent - Slighty floral, maybe citrusy but definitely lovely.
Lotion - Generous amount.  Soothing.
Effect - Mositurised.  Soothed.  Brightened and happy :D
Plastic Insert? - Forgotten, probably not.

Rating: 4/5 
Note: If I'll see these on sale, I'll repurchase a few!

A few words
Planning to use up at least 20 sheet masks this month.  Today is the 23rd and I'm done with 14...  Not bad...  I have 9 nights, 6 more masks to go!  Hopefully!

2012 Empties Update:
Jumbo Size: 2 + x
Full Size: 32 + x
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 34 + x
Samples: 44
Sheet Masks: 38 + 7
Random/Extras: 20 + x

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

– Disclosure –
The product(s) mentioned on this post was purchased by the editor for personal use and review purposes.  All reviews are expressed with complete honesty.  I don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews.


  1. Wow this was helpful! lol I never understood what the insert was for.... very detailed post! Thanks Jacq! ^^

    1. yay yay thx for liking this - coz it's inspired by you! just added a short line about the 'eyelid' piece... hehe

  2. Wow. What a thorough review. I've never used a sheet mask before, so this is really helpful.

    1. @girlieblogger, you should try a few - even if they don't perform miracles in 1 application - they're fun to play with. maybe it's just me who finds skin care fun to play with!? :P hehe hope not

  3. I like this post thanks! I use the crumbled mask to massage my body too lolz

    1. yea mimika - we're same *environmental-friendly* and consume our resources smartly - lol :P



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