Saturday, 12 May 2012

Inventory#16: Loose Powder

I have kept most of the 'mineral companies' face powder, foundation and concealers for the next post, hence this is gonna be real short.  :P

I have only got:

- Palgantong Theatrical Powder #Original Beige
- Palgantong Color Pearl Powder #Lavender
- L'Egere Aqua & Shiny Pearl Blemish Balm Pearl
- Hera Presious Powder
- Daiso Natural Mineral Loose Powder #Beige
- Beautymaker Zero Pore Loose Powder
- Guerlain Meteorites #unknown shade *the balls you see in pic 2*
- Jacq's Custom-Blend - A mixture of TKB Silica + TKB Silk + (random japanese) Pink UV Block Powder
- TKB Trading Micronized Fine Silk Powder
- TKB Trading Silica Microspheres

A few more shots of my Hera Precious Powder

Read More:
Chinese: A review of Hera base make up (by one of my fav Taiwan blogger)

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

– Disclosure –
The product(s) mentioned on this post was purchased by the editor for personal use and review purposes.  All reviews are expressed with complete honesty.  I don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews. 


  1. I love powder. They can set just about anything.

    1. yes - but I have a tendency to over-load myself and look like I came out of a bakery kitchen :S

  2. I've never seen powder in white plastic!? Are they good?

    1. mimika, do you mean the ones in ziplock bags? They are more like 'raw ingredients' for mixing to me. I mix the silica into my undereye setting powder and that seems good. The silk powder itself is okay, too.

  3. I was never a huge fan of loose powders but slowly am starting to use them. The Guerlain Meteorites have been on my wish list forever, did you get the samples from a makeup counter? The price of the full amount is why I haven't bought it!

    1. Hmmm.. I didnt buy the full size, I got a travel set or duty free set a while ago. The packaging was paper and bulky so I tossed that and transfer the balls/pearls to a sample jar.



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