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Review: Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Night Cream

Full name: Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Repair Night Cream
Another sadly discontinued item from Naruko that I adore. :(

Description - quoted from online source

Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming Repair Night Cream is enriched with magnolia which offers excellent anti-ageing and firming effects.

It is the solution to those women trying very hard to combat signs of ageing. The night cream helps you to repair your skin while you are aslepp. Magnolia resembles a key to the youth, helping the skin to travel back to the time machine, leaving it look younger, more translucent and firmer than ever before.

Suitable for - dry and delicate skin / mature skin


Can't find a clear list to refer to, if you're interested you can check out this link.  COSDNA is a brilliant Chinese site which document and teach readers about cosmetic ingredients.

above pic - before, with flash
below 2 pics - immediately after application, with flash

My Review

PRICE: 3/5 - not cheap in Naruko standard.
The first remark to give has to be its aroma.  It smells of fresh and natural flowers, maybe Magnolia(?).  Also has a slight citrus scent, probably also notes of the flowers.  *same as the serum reviewed before*
Texture is a gel cream.  Lean towards the light side, is fast-absorbing and instantly make skin feel and look better.  Very good for layering, I can wear several serums beneath it, and then also put on a thicker cream/balm on top if extra moisture/nourishment is needed.
I love skin care in glass jars, because this means the product will be better kept and ingredients more stable.  It also comes with a good little spatula if you don't want to contaminate or ruin the contents - which I don't mind.  :D


Younger?  Not sure.
Translucent?  Yes, I'd say I do notice my skin clearer and more glowy
Firmer?  Yes, but slightly only.  My facial puffiness is usually due to inadequate sleep and water retention. 

Minor drawback:
  • Not enough to be used alone in dry Winter nights, or when I sleep with air-conditioner on.
  • Slightly more expensive

Final words
    Overall Rating: 22/25
    Recommend?  Yes for those who need some have 1) dry 2) delicate 3) mature skin.  The scent is really adorable, and the texture is really nice.
    Repurchase?  No, reason below.

    I can no longer find this on any official website - but you can probably still buy this off online beauty stores or ebay sellers.  As of today, still stocks it.  Personally I won't repurchase because I have dozen more night moisturisers to work with. 

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    Official Taiwan Website - whole range of Naruko (Chinese)
    Naruko US website Magnolia page- no more Night Cream :(


    Beautiful wishes,

    Lazy silly Jacq :")

    – Disclosure –
    The product(s) mentioned on this post was purchased by the editor for personal use and review purposes.  All reviews are expressed with complete honesty.  I don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews.


    1. I"ve also started using Naruko products a while back but I have not tried their magnolia line yet. So far i'm liking their products. Thanks for the review, I think i'll try this out next time to keep my skin translucent during and after the summer!

      Loving your blog! * following *

      1. Thanks for visiting/commenting/following!

        I love Naruko stuff! This is a great night moisturiser - slightly thicker than ordinary 'night gelly' they offer. Do give it a try if you can find them, I'm afraid this is discontinued officially... but still sold on some retailers I saw!

    2. It looks and sounds quite soothing! Too bad it's been discontinued, I guess that's the unfortunate fate that quite a lot of products we like face. But at least there's always something else that could replace it :)

      1. Yea definitely, there's a lot more new and old products to keep me busy in order to forget how sad this is being discontinued :P



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