Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spotted: Hello Kitty Macaron Blushes

Full Name: Benico x Hello Kitty Petit Macaron Can Cheeks

Walked into a Sasa, saw the above almost brand new display with testers, swatched, and then took some really poor quality pictures.  They are sold at hkd$99 (usd$13) each.  Inside the can/tin, there is a pan of blush of course, a clear plastic divider, and a mini puff.  The design is similar to the Majolica Majorca release (link to their official web, they have new colour release this season!)  (external link to Project Vanity's post on the old ones a few seasons back).  Biggest difference I notice is, these 4 shades are way brighter than the Majolica Majorca ones. 

Extra info I can read from the packaging is

i) Japan-exclusive
ii) Made in China

The four shades (same as the display) -
I - Lilac tin, Coral Pink with fine shimmer.  Reminds me of the Balm Hot Mama.
II - Red tin, Hot Orange with fine shimmer.  Beautiful and some would love it for the Summer, or on tan skin.
III - Blue tin, Warm-ish Hot Pink with borderline matte finish.  Should be the most universal-flattering of the 4.
IV - Pink tin, Very Cool Pink with fine sheen.  I feel like this is too blue to flatter yellow skin, but looks the most fun.

The pink I above has faded but the pic below is blur.  Shade I should be as bright as below.

If this isn't sold out yet after my return from my trip to Tokyo, I might go grab some.  *My shopping ban will end when I return ;)*

Which one do you have your eyes on?  Are you a victim of cute packaging?

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. I like III best! I like my blush in a natural pinkish color :)

    1. agree - I and III are the safer bets and I think will look better on my skin tone. But the adventurous me inside thinks II and IV are fun to play with. hehe :P

    2. I saw a makeup video by HK makeup guru Zing some time ago where he used a color like that in IV. He first blush it on the model's face then slightly cover it with face power to create 'white inside showing red' (or I should say 'pink') look. Very fresh and playful! Never tried it myself tho :P

    3. I see. I adore Zing's skills and creativity much... You should try that skill - must be cute.

  2. Replies
    1. indeed! even for non-Hello Kitty fans like me! :P

  3. Both colours look really pretty and isnt the packaging just darling! p.s. pleeeeeeasssee please please take me to Japan with you!!!!xxxx

    1. hehe - you can come to Hong Kong. we have a lot of good stuff here - including me ;) LOL

  4. omg! these are too cute!!

  5. do you know where i can get these? online on a site that has english

    1. @nikki, i'm sorry i don't know. i saw this in my local Sasa store, and I can't find them online. if you really want them, I can buy them for you... you can pay me on paypal or we can do a beauty swap. email me if you are interested! jacqlibra at gmail dot com



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