Sunday, 13 May 2012

Used Up in May - Masks

Intro - Be prepared to be bombarded with loads of bare face, face with sheet mask on, and nonsense expressions!

#141 - Bioglo, Whitening 'n Anti-Pigmentation Mask

Asian.  Above-average nice cloth.  Good hydration and brightening.  Light decent scent.  Good.  *Note - left eye was occassionally swollen and ultra-sensitive, probably due to weather change?

Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: No + Reason: Bored

#142 - Naruko, Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask

Taiwan.  Scent is nice but not impressively good.  Cutting is a little strange.  Moisturising effect just okay.  I have high expectation for Naruko products.  This isn't outstanding.

Rating: 3/5 + Repurchase: No + Reason: NA

#143 - La Vie, Quick Fix 10-min Recharge Face Mask

"Formulated in Switzerland".  I am in a hurry to use these up before they 'expire'.  With more frequent usage, these seem to work better.  (a little irritating on the eyes)  Nice thick-ish cloth, good serum, moisturises, brightens and recharges!
Rating: 4/5 + Repurchase: No + Reason: Might no longer be sold, and bored.

(not yet familiarised with new desk lamp - hence the weird shadows)

#144 - Sasatinnie, Platinum White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask (HK brand/ Made in Taiwan)

Texture - Soft 'silky' sheet, medium thickness, high quality
Cutting - Quite fit my face shape
Scent - Can't put my fingers on it, scented, nice smell, lovely
Lotion - Watery kind, amount is adequate
Effect - Brightens, moisturises, skin looks plumper

Rating: Above Average + Repurchase: Maybe + Reason: NA

(one - before.  two - packaging.  three - ampoule.  four - ampoule applied.  five - mask on.  six - after mask, laneige night treatment applied.  seven/eighte - after)

#145,146 - Skin Lite, Snail Cell Illuminating Multi-step Treatment (Made in Korea)

Step 1 - Skin Illuminating Ampoule
Step 2 - Snail Essence Mask
Like the previous Age Regenerating set better.  This ampoule and mask are more sticky, although less alchol-loaded.  Decent to use, but not something I couldn't live without.  :P
Rating: 2/5 + Repurchase: No + Reason: Blah.

#147, #148 - La Vie, Quick Fix 10-min Recharge Face Mask
same as item #143 above.

A few words
Planning to use up at least 20 sheet masks this month.  Today is the 11th and I'm done with 7 only.  I will need to use up at least 13 pieces in 20 days.  We'll see... ;)

2012 Empties Update:
Jumbo Size: 2 + x
Full Size: 32 + x
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 34 + x
Samples: 43 + 1
Sheet Masks: 31 + 7
Random/Extras: 20 + x

Project 20 Skin Care Update:
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 37
Finished: Jumbo/Full Size x, Deluxe Sample/Travel Size x, Samples 1
Total Finished: 0.25
Total Purchased: Nil
Distance from Goal: 36.75

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. What do you do when you do your mask? I always find that I need to lay down because I dont want the mask to slide off and it seems so unproductive to me. I would be the weirdo with the face mask on the plane with a hoodie trying to cover my face!

    1. 90% of the times, I just sit (improperly) at my desk and play laptop while I do mask. Once in a while I'll go to THE massage chair of my dad and enjoy a 15min massage therapy... hehe...

      It doesn't slide off too much on my skin - probably becoz my face is too, um, flat? :S and I press the mask on gently at intervals of a few minutes (when I remember to)

    2. try to lie down when doing sheet mask rather than sitting up as the gravity of the sheet mask will make ur face sag throughout the years. hope it helps!

    3. @R, thanks! I would love to lie down every time I do a mask, but I prefer multi-tasking. Yea perhaps I should have some preventive measures for anti-aging~ ;)

  2. Hehe very informative post! I still haven't really gotten to grips with sheets masks. I find them a little claustrophobic I think. My mum swears by them though.

    1. your skin doesn't need that. :P y bother when face-eyelining is good enough without the hazzle of holy sheet mask! hehe

  3. Beautiful Blog *-*
    and great Post :)

  4. Helloooooo hehe... I tagged you to do a Get to know Me tag! =D

  5. I just started getting into sheet masks a few months ago. (I got my mom into them too!)

    1. cool! I sometimes help my sister and mum do sheet masks too~ I'm a huge fan! :P

  6. Hi! may i ask when u use naruko aqua cubic hydrating mask... After u peel it off, do u wash your face with water after step 4? If possible, pls reply to urgent!>< Thank you very much!!!:D

  7. Hi! may i ask when u use naruko aqua cubic hydrating mask... After u peel it off, do u wash your face with water after step 4? If possible, pls reply to urgent!>< Thank you very much!!!:D



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