Friday, 29 June 2012

Hit Pan #5 L'egere Foundation

Name: L'Egere Double White O2 Essence-in Foundation

Story Behind

I watch and read a lot of fuzkittie's sharing.  Her blog, youtube and facebook are my source for beauty product info and recommendation for quite a while.  She's no longer 'active' on 'public' now - a loss but everyone make different decisions at different stage of life, right?  This was one of her 'favourites' some time ago.
When I saw this in Watson's on sale, like 15% off, I picked this up.  This is a Korean brand with other offerings such as BB Creams, Whitening skin care and such.  On their displays, I sometimes see Korean and Taiwanese stars.  Anyway, L'Egere is not too well-known locally.  After a few months of uses, with heavy-hand brush and sponge attack, the Pan is exposed.  I think it maybe of some reference value, so I'd talk a little bit about this here.  :)


Instagramming #2

I have a bunch of these posts scheduled, as I am currently a little too busy for beauty-related posts.  Hope you don't mind!

1. Crossing the harbour in a tunnel on a #upperdeckbus.  2. My face, at a brunch date with my girl A.  3-5.  What happens all the time, traffic jam.  6. My MAC travel eyeshadow palette, one of the many.   7. Instant soup for lunch at work.  8. Microwaved and ready-to-serve!!!!!  9. Naked tired face at dinner.  10. Fresh yummy delicious fantastic insane 300yen fresh oysters at Tokyo (that's not enough good adjectives in my internal vocabulary!)  11. Another instant soup lunch.  12. My Ferragamo flats.  Couple shoes with A.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Inventory#17: Mineral Base Make Up

This post will include mineral (loose) foundation, concealer, colour corrector, face powder.  Blushes and bronzers will be in another post.  Not much words in this post, just to disclaim... :P

Monday, 25 June 2012

Instagramming #1

Inspired by Vivianna, here comes my copy version of Instagramming posts.  If you haven't already, go download Instagram and start following me.  It is so much fun, I promise!

1. My office desktop.  Candy stack, 300yen shades, Chupa Chups mug.  2.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hit Pan #4 Canmake Soft Touch Foundation 用粉底來修容?

凹凹佳麗名稱 Name: Canmake Soft Touch Foundation #03

Warning: This is a NICAM post, meaning Chinese and English Multi-Lang. :D

Thursday, 14 June 2012

(中) 盤點#1: 指彩周邊

順應 表妹 和 AK姐 很久以前的邀請,寫寫手邊有凹(有愛)的指甲油。這篇先講護甲及護色的。其是剛剛從日本又買了幾瓶好物。以後再說吧。。彩色甲油方面,真不知道從何入手!!

For my English readers, the English post was posted a while back.  Content was about the same, with more detailed elaboration!


Monday, 11 June 2012

My Past Week or so, in Pictures.

1.  Pouting with (OMG) pink Hello Kitty frames.  With long long falsies.

(no, I don't like my expression, but my sis insisted posting this will attract attention and possibly followers, who knows?)

2.  One-tenth of my Japan haul.  Sweets from Rilakkuma @ Skytree, Tokyo.  

 3. Growing Funghi once again.  Three more and I'm done with this season.


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