Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hit Pan #4 Canmake Soft Touch Foundation 用粉底來修容?

凹凹佳麗名稱 Name: Canmake Soft Touch Foundation #03

Warning: This is a NICAM post, meaning Chinese and English Multi-Lang. :D

The Story 引言

A few years ago, Canmake's distributor decided to stop selling their items in Watson's, a local pharmacy.  They had a massive clearance sales of their stock up to 50% off.  I bought a lot at that time.   As time goes by, I have used up, threw away, gifted away a good part of the stuff.  I'm kind of saving and keeping the best until the last, including their blushes, this foundation, and some concealer sticks.  Now Canmake is re-introduced to Sasa locally - they also have booths in certain department stores I believe.  I am open to buying their products again! 

Apparently, this foundation is Not in my shade.  I'm typically a shade #01 or #02 in most Asian or Japanese make up.  The reason I got this was, at the time I wanted to get a foundation (with 50% off), all the #01 and #02 on shelf were refills, none of them came with a comapct.  The brilliant Jacq then, decided to pick up a darker colour with compact, for shading, and a matching colour refill for later use.  After a good few years of UNconsecutive use, finally, I Hit Pan.

若干年前,Canmake的香港代理把她從屈臣氏撤走了 。當時清貨打很大折扣,我記得最多有五折!當時年紀小,眼影,指甲油,胭脂,遮瑕,粉餅,啥的都買了一堆;用到[今時今日]還沒用完-還沒有計算已經送出或扔掉的。。。最近(一兩年?)Canmake 重新回到香港,除了在 sasa 有開架外,其他一些如Log-On 或千色店的百貨公司都有銷售點。


The Review 心得

Shade #03 is a medium beige, meaning slight pink undertone.  Not extremely dark, but just 1 or 2 shades slightly darker than my skintone, which is superb to work as subtle shading, or to blend out contouring that's too harsh.  Most of the time the latter purpose, haha.

The texture is very soft and almost creamy.  Even when I pack this on with a sponge, this doesn't not cake nor accentuate dry flaky patches.  *It doesn't hydrate and hide them either*

The tan-colour compact itself is quite sturdy, and looks neat.  Mirror included is big and very handy. 

這個 #3 號是帶一點點紅感的「健康」膚色。不特別深。我原意是用這塊來修容的,但對我輪廓來講這色不夠力。於是,多數時候我用這色來 blend 暈開略深色的陰影/胭脂!


Conclusion 總結

Despite me disliking their new spokesperson/model (lame Jacq), I find Canmake products really cute, affordable and good quality.  The cream blush might be glittery, but this foundation has no major downside.  Cannot wait to totally use this up and refill it with my matching shade!


Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

– Disclosure –
The product(s) mentioned on this post was purchased by the editor for personal use and review purposes.  All reviews are expressed with complete honesty.  I don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews.


  1. Never heard of this brand before, but you have certainly sparked my interest. I like anything with creamy consistency.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog
    Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. @girlieblogger, it is basically a powder foundation. nothing revolutionary. but the texture is indeed creamy and smooth! :D

  2. I always have the impression that Canmake quality isn't good maybe 'cuz of the price....nice to read your review!

    1. @mimika, no no! their products are decent, don't be fooled by their affordability. LOL

  3. btw i've nominated you for the versatile blog award, love your blog!

  4. hello!
    i have just found youк blog and can't stop reading it!
    so many naruko products! i love them and always try to find reviews on something i haven't tried yet!

    thank you!

    1. thx a lot Maria! your comment makes me really happy :D you share my mind too - i love writing reviews of products (which have less exposure)


  5. That's a good idea to use something that's darker than your skin tone for shading and contouring! The product must be good for you to hit pan - a feat I don't think I've managed with any of my products :p

    1. thx dear. yea. this product is indeed decent! i have a tendency to use something (that i find nice) really often until the pan shows, then move on to others. becoz i feel accomplished by revealing the pan XD



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