Friday, 29 June 2012

Hit Pan #5 L'egere Foundation

Name: L'Egere Double White O2 Essence-in Foundation

Story Behind

I watch and read a lot of fuzkittie's sharing.  Her blog, youtube and facebook are my source for beauty product info and recommendation for quite a while.  She's no longer 'active' on 'public' now - a loss but everyone make different decisions at different stage of life, right?  This was one of her 'favourites' some time ago.
When I saw this in Watson's on sale, like 15% off, I picked this up.  This is a Korean brand with other offerings such as BB Creams, Whitening skin care and such.  On their displays, I sometimes see Korean and Taiwanese stars.  Anyway, L'Egere is not too well-known locally.  After a few months of uses, with heavy-hand brush and sponge attack, the Pan is exposed.  I think it maybe of some reference value, so I'd talk a little bit about this here.  :)


Despite it is a cream, it is quite hard and can be drying on the skin.  I find it when I use this in the Winter, it can accentuate flaky skins - not flattering.
It blends into skin nicely with some effort, the finish is beautiful.  However, I suggest setting it with some kind of powder or compact as it tends to settle into my dry fine lines.  :S


This only comes in 1 shade, as in a lot of Korean BB creams or foundation do.  I find this a good match to my complexion when I am paler.


You can see how it looks like in my previous inventory post.  A neat and lovely purple compact.  Plastic, handy and convenient.  It has a divider to hold the sponge without touching the foundation.


Hence this is a wrong product for me.  Colour suits me in the Winter, and texture suits me in the Summer.  Why did I even hit pan of this?  It's because it gives skin a really flawless and beautiful finish.  Do I recommend this?  Yes if you have quite normal to slightly oily skin AND pale colouring.  Will I repurchase?  No.  I'm a little doubtful if I can finish this actually.  LOL

Overall Rating - B.

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My friend Mimika is doing a blog-hop, of course I have to participate - go and check out other nice beauty blogs by clicking on the image below!

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  1. i also loved Fuzkittie's videos so much! my first big naruko haul was inspired by her 100%! i still have some my notes made during her videos :)
    pity she decided to leave youtube.... maybe not for ever?

    i'm very interested in such products as compact bb foundation. but still haven't try anything. i'm afraid that it won't work on my oily skin. but maybe i will try it anyway. i've heard a lot of rave about lanege and hera "coushions" (?? spelling)

    1. yes yes. my purchase/love of naruko was totally inspired by fuz too!

      i read some reviews on the laneige bb compact that looks like a cushion. not read about Hera though. but they're sister company so probably hera will be bringing out similar products? i love hera so much i need to check out on that. (make note..)


  2. I always wanted to try this! I guess it is going off my list... Thanks for the review! I miss Fuz too T.T

    1. yes Ari, everyone misses Fuz I believe :(

      agree, you can skip this product, there are many more to try anyway!!

  3. Thanks for linking up to my blog hop :) I kinda missed fuzkittie's vid too. I hope she'll be back soon!

    1. dear mimika, you're welcome! i'd love to read more new beauty blogs and get exposed too - thx for doing the blog hop!!

      of coz i miss Fuz, but i respect her if she decides to go off youtube/blog (temp or perm). it is our own little passion to share that keeps us blogging, no? if the passion is lost then no point to do posts~~~ :S

  4. Lovely! Just found you through Beauty Blog Hop! Followed!

    Follow back?

    Kendall & Tiana

    1. thanks for coming! following you back on bloglovin! :D



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