Monday, 25 June 2012

Instagramming #1

Inspired by Vivianna, here comes my copy version of Instagramming posts.  If you haven't already, go download Instagram and start following me.  It is so much fun, I promise!

1. My office desktop.  Candy stack, 300yen shades, Chupa Chups mug.  2.
Bamboo/wooden utensils.  3. Tao magazine, dedicated to Taobao, the Chinese ebay.  AND reminds me of my friend Tao @ Seattle.  4. Images from the Tao magazine.  5. Rilakkuma sweets and cookies from Tokyo Skytree.  6. Instant coffee, this brand tastes good.  7. Beauty supplement, Vitamin-C, B, etc.  8. My tired face, heading to Cyberport on a minibus.  9. #upperdeckbus, a series I am doing, which include images taken from the upper deck of a double deck bus (do-i-really-hv-to-explan-it-this-way?)  10. Another #upperdeckbus going up slope.  11. A queue waiting for #upperdeckbus.  12. A particular bus stop.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. i like this post :) we (readers) can know you better in this way :) but please, don't be tired!

    1. thank you very much Maria. I'm glad you leave this message! I'll definitely post more instagramming posts as I'm totally addicted. Thx for your kind words, I'll take more rest if possible! :")

  2. I wish we had double decker buses here, I rode one I think in Hong Kong and it was lots of fun hehe :) I like being high up and I generally like riding on the bus as well, especially if I can get a seat :p

    1. glad you like what i like too! i have been riding double deck since infant time yet i just recently fell in love with it. good way to view my city and help me like it better :P



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