Friday, 29 June 2012

Instagramming #2

I have a bunch of these posts scheduled, as I am currently a little too busy for beauty-related posts.  Hope you don't mind!

1. Crossing the harbour in a tunnel on a #upperdeckbus.  2. My face, at a brunch date with my girl A.  3-5.  What happens all the time, traffic jam.  6. My MAC travel eyeshadow palette, one of the many.   7. Instant soup for lunch at work.  8. Microwaved and ready-to-serve!!!!!  9. Naked tired face at dinner.  10. Fresh yummy delicious fantastic insane 300yen fresh oysters at Tokyo (that's not enough good adjectives in my internal vocabulary!)  11. Another instant soup lunch.  12. My Ferragamo flats.  Couple shoes with A.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. Wow I wanna try those oyseters! Where in Tokyo?

    btw check out my beauty blog hop if you haven't :)

  2. the famous Fukiji market - they are the biggest fresh seafood wholesale market in Japan (or Tokyo). I have had so much great food there. The government is relocating the market in 1 or 2 years. Have you been there before?

    OK - go to your blog hop now! ;)

    1. Thanks for checking my blog hop :)

      Tsukiji market? Yup I love it there!! but I never tried the that one of the small sushi restaurant with super long line up? Which one is it? Making me crave for seafood now..lolz

    2. we actually bought these at REAL seafood stores, those selling raw fish, raw foodstock. they have a stand only with oysters and the kind store-owner serve us with these raw oysters + some japanese vinegar (or oil). unlike usual western dressing!

      we also had real sushi/rice at restaurants, but that's another story :P

      will be posting your bloghop in my next post - ;)



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