Monday, 16 July 2012

淘寶#1 False Lashes Poxn and more!



A while back, I bought some false lashes and nail supply from taobao (the Chinese ebay of sort).  Most of these are quite reasonably priced and called "wholesale".  This post is just the intro pictures of them. 

As there is a minimal order amount from this lash store, I craved in and ordered the above 'big' lot. Below are the close up shots and their model no.  I shall take the time to wear them all once the luxury of spare time is mine.  Welcome to come chase me for the review if you'd like to see any.  Thanks!!!!

Note: Please click to enlarge if interested.

#018 lower (2x 10pairs)
#K38 lower (2x 10pairs)

Above: Left #018, Right #K38
Below: #018

Above: #K38
Below: #018

Above: #K38

#A2 lower (2x 10pairs)
#E12 lower (2x 10pairs)

Above: #A2
Below: #E12

#E16 upper (1x 10pairs)
#E11 lower (3x 10pairs)

Above: E16 upper
Below: E11 lower

#2034 upper (10x 1pair)
#2041 upper (10x 1pair)

Above: #2034
Below: #2041

Onyx #under4 lower (10x 1pair)
a bunch of lash glue I've tossed

#216 upper (2x 10pairs)
#357 upper (2x 10pairs)

Above: #216
Below: #357

#007 upper (2x 10pairs)
#008 upper (2x 10pairs)

Above: Left 007, Right 008

Above: 007
Below: 008

#E23 upper (1x 10pairs)
#508 upper (1x 10pairs)
#510 upper (1x 10pairs)
#011 upper (1x 10pairs)

Above: E23
Below: 508

Above: 510
Below: 011

#F5 upper (1x 10pairs)
#254 upper (1x 10pairs)
#E31 upper (1x 10pairs)
#Cross7 upper (1x 10pairs)


Recap of everything:

1. Falsies - see above
2. Konad Plates - see above
3. Fimo Sticks - see below
4. Attache - see blow

Above/Below: Fimo Sticks (x50sticks, 5 styles)

Below: Bunch of Attache for decoration

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

– Disclosure –
The product(s) mentioned on this post was purchased by the editor for personal use and review purposes.  All reviews are expressed with complete honesty.  I don’t do paid or guaranteed reviews.


  1. Replies
    1. @sam hehe. i have so many lashes in my room now they can be used to dust my floor. no joke :S

  2. wow that's amazing!! I'm going to HK in the fall...where do you recommend getting fakes lashes in HK? Thanks!

    Mimika's Little Wonderland

    1. I recommend chain-beauty stores that I always visit, because they stock the popular styles and the shops are neater. the price in 1. Bonjour (卓悅) 2. Sasa (莎莎) and 3. Colourmix are comparable, and I have their membership card (for 5% off). HK is tax-free all around, so you can save a few pennies if you voice out my phone number...

      Another option is to buy from small stores, most probably around Mongkok (旺角) area. they also buy in bulk from China (like my haul featured in this blogpost...) and then repackage or resell. they sometimes also import nice ones from taiwan, but a little more expensive.

      Email me, we can talk more - i can bring you to beauty-shopping during your visit, if you like! :)

  3. I always wanted to buy lashes in bulk but I don't want lashes that are too long or too plastic like... lol

    1. i am careful when i shop. and it is definitely trial and error. i think i hv accumulated reasonably many bad experience to shop for styles that suit me and those i like, on taobao now!!! need help??

  4. Replies
    1. @girlieblogger
      :") yes i do love false lashes a lot! can't wait to play with them

  5. Love this! I've new. Looking to buy as there are several vendors on eBay, will keep an eye out for these!

    1. yessie, i don't know if they rename the lashes when sellers resell on ebay, but you can see if my close-up pics are helpful to you when u shop. cheers! :P

  6. That's a LOT of lashes! :)
    Have fun with them!

    1. @Noire, yes a lot! now i have a good few hundred pairs lining up to be loved in my stash! :D cheers~

  7. Very nice! I need to buy some lashes :D

    1. i love love love lashes. yes, go get some! :D

  8. Hi, did you buy this from ebay? I tried looking up the seller but nothing came up. Do they have a online store? I love love love the lashes you hauled because I have a few but would like to buy in bulk. And pick up a few nail plates too. Thanks!

    1. hi SeeTrinny, I got these off, which is a Chinese online auction site (our version of ebay). It is online.

      please drop me an email if you want their links. ;)




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