Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Acquired in May, Over 70 Items (yes, very late!)

I didn't buy 'too' much in these 2 months LOCALLY.  Excluding the $yen I spent in Tokyo, I have kept my spending within control.  However, it is still a little pic-heavy, hence I'll try to keep this post short in words, hope you don't mind!

May began with a trip to Choi-Fung - replenished some items for my sister, and get tons of samples.  Then there was a (not big) impulsive spending at Watson's which involved a bunch of facial wipes.  Finally, there's a planned attack on glitter nail polishes, as my sister and I found this category lacking in my collection.  Of course, there are the usual irrational bits and unexplainable pieces together with some magazine freebies.

Let's begin with the Choi-Fung shopping.

*A13 Joseristine Salicylic Acid Cleansing Gel *4 (US$13.3) - My sister, Jen, uses this on her arms to get rid of Keratosis pilaris, KP.  I mentioned it before in this post.
*A917 JimmBenny Mango Oat Body Scrub *2 (US$9.2) - For Jen.
*A1209 Ki Squalane Hydro-Skin Exfoliator (US$4.4)

I got $1.3 off the total sum because I collected certain number of stamps, and below are all the freebies/samples...

*A282 Ki Sensitive Moisturizing Paper Mask
*A281 Ki Collagen Concentrate Paper Mask
*A3808 CL Bamboo Charcoal Peeling Gel
*A3747 CL Bamboo Charcoal Icy Shower Gel
*A3536 Joseristine Sucrose Lemon Ginger Shampoo
*A3543 Joseristine Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Gel 3in1
*A3738 Joseristine BB blánc BB Magic Cream SPF 30/PA++

Below are some samples obtained with magazine or at beauty counters...

*Asience Inner Rich Shampoo (free with magazine)
*Asience Inner Rich Conditioner (free with magazine)
*Methode Swiss Thermal White Eye Protection SPF15 (free with magazine)
*Melvita Rose Nectar Hydrating Facial Gel (obtained at counter)
*Lunasol Moist Conditioning Mask (free with JP magazine)
*Make Up Bag (free with JP magazine) - as seen in 2nd pic of this post
*Clarins White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum (with the same JP magazine) - used this and liked it.  wait for my empties post!

Then there was a small haul at Watson's because I needed some wet hand towels... Of course I didn't just get those... :S

*Biore Make Up Cotton Wipes, Pocket Size (US$2.6)
*Mentholatum Medicated Acnes Point Clear (US$4.2)
*Mentholatum Medicated Oil Control Wipes (US$1.9)
*Watson's Invigorating Wet Tissues #grapefruit *3 (US$1.8) - this was the reason I went into the store!
*Watson's Invigorating Wet Tissues #lemongrass *3 (US$1.8)

In the middle of the month, due to stress, and the fact that I don't have many glitter polishes in my collection for J3 to play with... (which is a better excuse?)... I brought her to several beauty stores and picked up several nail polishes.  Honestly, I'm quite excited to get these.  And honestly, my stress was indeed released a little... Good!

From Bonjour
*Nail Fantasy glitter nail polishes *8 (US$9.6) - I purposely twist off one of the caps to let you see the bottle top design
*Palty hair dye (US$8.7) - used this already.  probably a short review coming.  Let me know if you're interested.
*i.Color #VN12 (US$1.9)

From Sasa
*Revlon #761Scandalous #441Radiant (US$6)

From Angel
*Revlon #340Stunning #261Sparkling #230Popular #430Whimsical (US$12.8)
*Clear Nail Polish (free) - plan to let my sister practise making frankens ;)
*Revlon #02SheerMauve #25CopperGleam (US$2.6)
*la glace epurant white mask *3 ($3.9) 
*la glace au lait milky treatment mask *3 ($3.9)

*Senka [specialist] Whitening Lotion #Light (US$8.3)
*Sofina Cleansing Foam (magazine gift)
*Sofina net (magazine gift)
*Olay Pure White Emulsion (free sample)

*Daiso Bottle with heart design (US$1.5)
*Rilakkuma Sheet Masks *15pc (US$19)

Project 20 Skin Care Update:
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 36.75
Total Finished: Nil
Purchased: Jumbo/Full Size 3 (ki exfoliator, mentholatum roller, senka lotion), Deluxe Sample/Travel Size x, Samples x
Total Purchased: 6
Distance from Goal: 42.75

Project 20 Body and Hair Update:
Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Balance Brought Down: 25
Total Finished: NA
Total Purchased: Nil
Distance from Goal: 25

For a month titled "total beauty purchase ban", I have spent around US$117.4, which include a bunch of stuff I picked up on my sister's behalf.  I'd say, I accept my result and I really did appreciate my effort! ;)  What did you pick up recently?

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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    1. @girlieblogger, yep, aren't they very pretty? let me wear them and show you! :P

  2. Glitter polishes are so pretty! I have KP too, I use Tons of different products to try and keep it clear.

    1. what items do you use to treat your KP? i'd love to know!!!!



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