Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chocolate, Caramel and Cream 畫指甲

You may have some questions in mind when you see the pictures above.

1) Is that Jacq's hand?  No, the hand is not mine.
2) Did Jacq paint that?  Yes, the nail design was done by me.
3) So whose hand and nails are these?


The hand belongs to my sister, Jen.

She has recently finished her public exams and enjoying her long Summer holiday.  Meanwhile, I am experimenting a few things with her, painting her face sometimes, and covering her nails with designs at other.  Jen herself is really into art and craft since a toddler and when instagram and youtube introduce her to nail art, she fell right into it.  On one hand I'm glad I have a beauty-friend to share my collection with; on another, I'm proud of her!  The designs by her are more delicate and fun than those I do myself, and she has the time to play with new skills (like stamping with sponge and sticking fimo pieces onto the nails)

Anyway, expect to see her guest-blog on my other blog  Go to her 1st post and show her some support!

基本上這篇是介紹我妹妹的。她從小就對手作很有興趣和耐性。最近熱衷於指繪/指甲藝術方面。Jen 會在我另外一個 blog 上分享指甲有關的東西,有興趣不妨移玉步去看一看!


Nail Design - Jacq
Hand Talent - Jen, my sister 
Photographer - Jacq

Item Used:

Basecoat - Nubar
Chocolate - Barry M #NP129 Chocolate Brown
Caramel - Holika Holika #16
Cream - Baviphat #1
Topcoat - Essie Good to Go
Quickdry - Essence

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. Such a pretty nail design! I love that you do up your sister, one of the great benefits of having a beauty obsessed sister I suppose!

    1. thx for the compliments, emma. actually i followed a tutorial which my sis picked online. hehe. i enjoy very much painting my sis, probably more than she enjoyed being painted! lol

  2. This is so cute! How nice of you to paint that for your sister. Love the colour combination and the design, it reminds me exactly of chocolate and other yummy sweet things :)

    1. yay - chocolate colour naisl is my fav of all times. thx for liking this ^.^

  3. love it looks so yummy i want to eat it =D

    1. @sam, you cant always want to eat me (and my sister!) up. what are you up to recently? :)



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