Monday, 23 July 2012

Instagramming #10

1-2.  more traffic of HK city, evening and night.  beautiful, isn't it?  3-4.  foodpoxn.  celebrating my friend's birthday with japanese style buffet. 
SO MUCH food!  5-6.  the first 2 verses of the Beatitudes.  amazing Christian teaching in beautiul Chinese calligraphy.  Read Bible Matthew Ch5 if interested.  7.  bare tired face - my fotd for most days.  8. starting #photoadayjuly!  9. #day1 #selfportrait  10-13.  sorting out stocks.  me and jen styling our products.  14.  "It's what you do in th epresent that wil redeem the past and thereby change the future." beautiful quote from Paulo Coelho, my favourite writer.  15.  instand miso soup.  yumyumyumyum

Sorry for bombarding my readers with so many instagramming posts.  This are so much fun to make, and relatively easy.  :P  Are you on instagram yet?  Come follow me at username jacqlibra NOW!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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