Monday, 2 July 2012

Instagramming #4

1.  Extremely delicious fatty bbq pork.  Honey sweet, soft and juicy.  Canton/Chinese food is magnificent, and this is the best of the best.  LOVE.  2. Sweet bun in peach design, stuffing is lotus seed paste. 
3. Maskssss <3  4. Sausage muffin breakfast :D  5-11.  Helping out at my friends' photoshoot for their online store.  Had so much fun doing and changing her make up looks!  If you want a blogpost on that, I'll try to make one.  12. washed and clean brushes after the 'gig'.  there's a lot of handles and bristles, no? ^^

Have a joyful and peaceful day!  Plus, follow my instagram if you haven't already!!!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. Love this post Jacq!! Your friend is very pretty and I wish them luck on their online store :)

    I'd love to see a post from the shoot!!

    1. thanks Liz, okay - i will make sure i post something about the shoot. the photographer is quite a perfectionist so it may take some time to get the pictures from her! :P

      you can visit their store to take a look - pretty 'vintage' and not for everyone though. see if you like that~



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