Thursday, 12 July 2012

Instagramming #7

1. self portrait on #upperdeckbus.  2. Galaxy resort/casino in Macau, looks like bloody purgatory to me.  if it is not for biz, i probably won't visit a casino :S  3-4.  experimenting with face charts. 
reaslised that the standard A4 white paper texture is not good for make up painting purposes.  need to investigate further!  5. acquired funky false lashes.  6-8.  working with my friend on our store. (behind the scene sneakpeeks!)  9. mcdonald's breakfast.  10-12. working with happysunlab again.  13-15.  volunteering to model for my friend's store.  (facepalm)

While you're reading this (scheduled article), I'm in Taiwan enjoying my 2nd trip in this Summer.  So I'm afraid I may not be able to reply to your comments as swiftly as I would love to.  Please bear with me.  I promis I will be back very soon, with many more good blog posts!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. Ooh, sounds fun to have played model for a day :) McDonald's breakfasts are amazing, their food is so bad but just so addictive. Experimenting with face charts is so cool, good luck finding better paper!

    1. @sleepandwater. still not yet found the best paper. need to work on that more! :) and it was fun playing model. professional modelling isn't appealling to me though~ :P



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