Friday, 20 July 2012

Instagramming #9

1.  my 100th pictured uploaded to instagram.  the prelim logo for my shop, co-owned with my sister and my best friend A.  we shall be selling hand-made accessories and beauty supply.  check it out and bookmark it!  2-3. dinner date with (old) classmates, restaurant next to ice-skating area at Festival Walk.  Good food and a lot of nice catch up.  4-6.  DIY my lipstick palette. 
so convenient when i want to carry my lippies for gigs/shoots.  if you want a post on that, comment below!  7. Most of my NYX lipsticks.  8. lovely lunch made by my sister.  sushi rolls!  9-10. weather in Hong Kong is insanely hot.  burnt me!  11-12.  lovely japanese dinner with mr fiance.  13.  blogsale acquisition from hakme's bilingual beauty blog  14. some sprays on my office desk.  15. traffic on #upperdeckbus

Can't you see I'm addicted to instagram?  Start your addiction now, by following me @ user = jacqlibra NOW!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. so many sprays!
    and i see the lalique perfume :)love it!

  2. hello dear
    great blog
    i have followed you on GFC and bloglovin
    hope you follow back



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