Thursday, 5 July 2012

Preview: What I bought in Tokyo 東京買物總覽

(Rilakkuma Bath Bomb 入浴劑)

As some of you know, I went on vacation in Tokyo early this June.


Let me briefly showcase all the stuff I 'hauled' back from Japan.  Right now I'm busy with travelling and a lot of other things.  Please take a preview of everything I got (hopefully I didn't miss much), and see if anything interests you.  Leave your questions or request below, if any!  I apologise for the fuxking poor lighting.  Thanks a great lot~~~*


(Hythiol B, Hythiol C and another White EX supplement 口服補充劑)

(All the skin care 護膚品)

(All the tools 工具)

(All the Nail stuff 指甲有關)

(All the make up and Lashes 化妝品/睫毛)


(Cute stuff for my niece-in-law 送人的手信)

(Faces-Stamp that will change expression as you squeeze it!  會變臉的印章)

(Majolica Majorca crossover pens, Laura Ashley crossover Uniqlo tee )

(Snacks, Rilakkuma and Funghi!)

(a big lot of foot relief masks - many used up in Tokyo already 大量休足時間)

(Korean sheet mask 面膜)

(rose-scented foot peeling masks 腳膜兩對)

Note: I forgot to photograph 2 pairs of sunglasses, 6 Rilakkuma lunchboxes, postcards, etc.


Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. wow, all the japanese stuff ae so CUTE!!!

    1. thank you tiffany. yes - and most of them are both cute and good quality!

  2. I would go crazy there!! I'd love to hear about the foot relaxing masks! The heat here has my feet not feeling their best:/

    1. yessie, yes I went totally crazy over there in Japan! no problem, i will find a chance to write up a few words about the relax masks for feet!



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