Sunday, 8 July 2012

random MAC lippies 唇膏隨意試色

A while back, I was invited to help my friend WNN out to do her make up.  She owns an etsy store selling vintage dresses.  Go check out her happysunlab, the shop, and tell her I sent you!


WNN's make up style is simple.  Foundation, black wing eyeliner and fun lipstick.  Anyway, in her make up bag, I found these MAC lipsticks in her make up bag, which I don't own - hence the swatches!


I have no idea whether the above are limited edition or regular or pro colours.  I did look up their formula and shades for your reference though... :P

From Left 左起:
- Glitter n Ice Collection, Glaze formula, "Eloquent Air" 
- Cham-Pale Collection/Permanent, Frost formula, "Gel"
- Matte Formula, "Viva Glam I"
- Seasonally Supreme Collection, Sheen Supreme Formula, "Sheer Mandarin"
- Pro Longwear Lipcreme Formula, "Good to Go"

That's it.  :P

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. Good to Go looks like a super vibrant orange! I think that one would be great for summer :)

    1. my friend WNN wear anything she wants irrespective to the seasons. XD
      i will try some brighter orange/coral lips while i'm on holiday this week... maybe FOTD of that?

  2. I love going thru my friends make up stash and finding new lippies/makeup to add to my collection!

    1. @yessie, i love doing that! too bad i don't have many friends who wear make up regularly or own that many make up... :(

    2. Yeah, I dot have that many either- enter my love for beauty blogs!

    3. @yessie. yea. that's why we read and write beauty blogs! :D cheers~~~~~~~



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