Friday, 13 July 2012

泰國手信 Souvenirs from Thailand

這次的手信是我託妹妹帶回來的。全都是藥房 Boots 的產品。原因是 1. 香港的屈臣氏曾經賣過 Boots 的產品,現在沒有了。 2. 我從英國的 blog 上看過好評。 3. 價錢便宜。 4. 身體磨砂/去角質我和(另外一個)妹妹都用得挺兇。

Basically this was a haul from Thailand, which include stuffs I ordered my sister to pick up for me.  Most of them are from Boots, reasons being: 1 - no local stores distribute Boots product officially now, since Watson's stopped doing so.  2 - read good reviews on glossgoss (Tali's blog) about these.  3 - another sister of mine, Jen, and I use body scrubs up quite quickly.

Anyway, this is just showing you the stuff, more reviews will come when I use them more or use them up.  Hmmm... by the way, I have never been to Thai myself, perhaps one day? :P


Thailand Haul/Souvenir

*Boots Extracts Body Scrub #Mango #Cocoa Butter #Bergamot
*Boots Extracts Body Butter #Rosehip
*Boots Botanics Whitening Exfoliating Body Scrub
*Boots 24hr Protection Whitening plus Q10 Anti-Perspirant
*Naraya folded mirror

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. I was thinking it looks like boots =)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I tried Boots before too hope these are great!

    Mimika's Little Wonderland

    1. so far, not bad. most boots things are alright. nothing particularly bad out of those i have tried! hehe :)



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