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Swap! Sleek BlushBy3 Palette From Ayesha/UK

I have wanted a Sleek Blush By 3 since its launch.  My friend Sam's friend Ayesha helped me hunt one down in the shade #Flame365.  If you'd like to know what else she sent me, please read on!

The Sleek #Flame palette has 3 shades, Furnace, Bon Fire and Molten.  They are super duper crazy pigmented and bloody bright.  I don't think for my light/fair complexion, that I can wear this out on normal day occasions.  However, for night/fun/gigs, I find these shades so helpful and useful!  I can do creative looks and glam looks with this.  The consistency is smooth and blendable, so with a very careful light hand, this can give a very healthy flush on the cheeks.

Bourjois in Hong Kong doesn't carry the normal chocolate bronzers.  It used to carry the shimmery ones (and I got the shimmery bronze - regretting for not getting the shimmery vanilla - that's another story).  So I asked if Ayesha can find me one.  She did!  The Bourjois Delie de Poudre in #51 is a golden matte bronzer.  Need to play with it more this Summer, but definitely excited about it.  For your info, all bourjois chocolate bronzers smell yummy and comes in a very generous packaging, 10gram plus of product!

Another brand I drool over and cannot acquire here in Hong Kong is Ciate.  I have 2 of their nail polishes from previous swap/magazine purchase, but that's NOT enough!  Ayesha asked about my shade preference and then chose a #079StrawberryMilkshake for me.  So pretty!!!!  It is actually one of the shades in the postcard image.  (see top of this post).  Ciate polishes have beautiful consistency and the bottle design is elegant and neat.  Can't wait to wear this!

Barry M polishes are fun and fashionable.  I have about half a dozen of them in my collection.  This #146LilacFoil is new to me and I am excited to try their "Foil" finish.  Update you after I try this on.

I am a fan of Soap and Glory's pink-retro-humourous branding.  They make spectaculor body products too!  Mr. fiance tried their body scrub once (he borrowed that while we were on vacation) and he sang praises about that.  Ayesha sent me a Flake Away scrub - or "shea butter sugar and epach seed body polish" - a Hand Food hand cream, and a Face Massage Mini Mitt.  The face massager I have used something similar before, and I find that didn't work much for me.  So I'll probably gift this to my friend of add it in future giveaway :P

In addition to lot of make up she sent, Ayesha also included some lower end drugstore items for me to try, including MUA Bronzer Shade#3, Lipstick Shade#6, Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner Shade #Funk3, Metallic Cream Cream Eyeshadow #CopperPot4.  I have swatched all of them on my hand and I LOVE them!  Especially the glitter eyeliner.  I remember watching pixiwoo used that in one of her glittery videos and totally forgot to request one, so glad Ayesha throw in one for me!  Sidenote: I have accumulated several MUA lipsticks from UK swaps and surprisingly, none of them duplicate, must be a miracle!  They are creamy and pigmented and I love to have them in my mu-kit for gigs.  ;)

Last but not least, I have got several samples and extras.  They are: Womanity by Thierry Mugler perfumed shower gel, Johnson's face care refreshing gel wash and moisturiser, Thierry Mugler Womanity "pull-n-spray" card, and Burt's Bees extra energizing citrus n ginger root body wash.

Ayesha knew I'm a suxker for anything leopard print hence picked up a hairband and a thin belt with that pattern on for me.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

{{Other swaps}}

I am going on vacation agian, soon, in mid-July, to Taiwan.  And I'm in the middle of doing 2 swaps.  If you're still interested to send me things from your place which I cannot get hold of in Hong Kong, pop me an email and let's discuss in detail!  However, due to my holiday, expect a little delay.

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  1. I always wanted to try that chocolate bronzer! I heard the packaging was changed.. I hope thats not true! I was thinking of getting some stuff from Sleek, drooling over that blush palette!

    1. really? if they're really changing the packaging, grab one before they do! they are very good value and smells lovely and work well! ((ASOS does free international shipping and they stock Bourjois!))

      the sleek blush palette is very nice - the colour i got though is quite 'dramatic'. but quality-wise very very nice :D

  2. Wow! I'm getting ready to do a swap with someone from Ireland! I've done mini swap on MUA but this time were getting custom things we both want! I think I may have to ask for the Bourjois bronzer.

    1. yessie, sure! definitely try the Bourjois bronzer, that's amazing. I would ask for more Sleek items too - the pout paint and pout polish are amazing!

    2. Thanks for the heads up- will def ask for Sleek!

    3. you're welcome, Yessie! :)



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