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Blogust #15 - Full Size, Emptied

I stopped doing my empties post after my April empties.  So this is technically my May + June + July + half August accumulation of junk bottles.  Be warned, these are about 3 months worth of products.  There's a lot.

I'm doing this post only on the 'full size' items.  Samples and other bits will be in another post.  For their individual short review, I'll be employing my new rating system, marking them with "Hurray, Okay or No Way".  :)

#164 - Body Labo Supermoist, Crystal Touch Collagen Revitalizing Mask (not pictured and reviewed here)
Rating: Okay

#165 - Kao Asience, Shine Therapy Conditioner 
Nothing to write home about.  Doesn't repair damaged hair or perform miracle as claimed.  But this really smells nice.  Probably won't recommend.  I prefer other Japanese/Asian hair care lines than this.
Rating: Okay (borderline No Way)

#166 - Dove, Damage Therapy Intense Repair Daily Treatment
I much much much prefer the UK version of this stuff, in a yellow tube instead of blue.  This just feels wrong and cheap on me.  Not enough nourishing or repairing but leaves quite a bit of 'residue' feeling.
Rating: No Way

#167 - Mannings, Organic Brown Rice Repairing Hair Mask
I like the product, but hate the packaging.  It is a very running lotion kind of hair treatment, so why would they put it in a tub instead of a tube?  There isn't a practical way to scoop out the product without dropping it everywhere.  However, on the hair, it is light and soft and does repair.  It is not silicon-packed heavily so your hair won't be silky (fake) smooth, but 'repaired' from within.
Rating: Okay (would be Hurray if it's repackaged!)

#168 - Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy Amino Cell Rebuild Color Save Shampoo for colour-treated hair
This the humongous salon size obtained from beauty supply stores.  I am totally fed up with it after such a giant bottle.  Not bad, but consecutive uses leaves my hair feeling dirty *residual accumulation?* and dull.  Didn't help my box-dyed hair colour to stay forever either. :P
Rating: No Way

#169 - The Body Shop, Satsuma Shower Gel 
Got this from the Body Shop outlet in my city, and this is my 2nd bottle.  I LOVE this scent!!!!!  The Body Shop really does make some amazing fragrances, which are pretty natural and fresh and yummy smelling!  Satsuma is a kind of mandarin or citrus fruit, probably from Japan.  The shower gel itself is fresh and moisturising.  Leaves skin smells divinely edible.  So sad to see this gone!
Rating: Hurray

#170 - Kose Suncut, Essence in UV Perfect Spray SPF50 PA++
Spray on sunscreen in an aerosol can, sounds very convenient, not in reality.  In fact it does apply nice and evenly but is quite white and oily.  Required manual blending and rubbing.  If so, why should I carry an aerolol can?  Why don't I use the normal lotion/milk kind of sunscreen?
Rating: No Way

#171 - Bioglo, Red Ginseng Body Scrub
One of my holy grail.  Use this in shower and every bit of dead skin will be gone.  Tub will look like a beach or desert because of the walnut shells debris.  Smell fruity and childish, not particularly sophisticated but somehow I like.  Also reminds me a little of Clinique Happy fragrance for some unknown reason... Cheap and effective!  I highly recommend this for whoever can get hold of this and whoever loves sandy rough scrubs.  It is sold directly through a company called Ecosway (it operates like Amway or such).
Rating: Hurray

#172 - The Body Shop, Spa Wisdom African Spa Salt Scrub
This is an old tub of salt scrub.  I found it half-used sitting in my bathroom cupboard, so I decided to use this up.  Smells lovely.  The cream base and the salt works really well together.  Drawback is the pot.  Design is beautiful but not practical.  Difficult to open, and difficult to close.  Although it keeps the product air-tight, the opening allows water to get in and melts the product.  Not too good.  This particular one is definitely discontinued, but generally Spa Wisdom is a line from the Body Shop I really recommend.  ***wish their candles aren't that expensive!!!!***
Rating: No Way

#173 - Wing Fook Tong, Camellia Seed Oil (local brand, link here)
I used this for in a particular way.  I used this to mix with my body lotions when they aren't giving me enough nourishment.  camellia seed oil is good for skin and hair, but I don't normally wear oils in my hair.  I recommend this for people who like oils that are fragrance-free and aren't too greasy.
Rating: Okay

#174 - Naruko, Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Dew (Taiwan brand, Made in Taiwan)
Full review done here.  Simply Hurray.  ;)

#175 - My Beauty Diary, Rose n White Peony Brightening Mist (Taiwan brand, made in Taiwan)
Nothing wrong.  Smells nice.  Just isn't that moisturising nor brightening.  Refreshing indeed, and the spray dispenser is decent.  I love the pink bottle, but the love ends there... :P
Rating: No Way

#176 - St. Ives, Apricot Scrub Brightening
A little different from the ordinary formulae.  This claims to brighten but I don't notice significant difference.  More expensive per volume of product, so I do not recommend this, and I will not get this in the future.
Rating: No Way

#177 - Pond's, Cleansing Oil (International brand, Made in Japan)
My Holy Grail.  Key ingredient is a blend of plant oils.  Emulsifies and smells beautifully.  Removes make up very effectively and doesn't break me out.  Leaves skin soft and not too oily.  Bottle design is practical and neat.  Price is lovely.  Nothing bad to say about it! **I have only used and am loving the yellow bottle, can't speak for the other ones**
Rating: Hurray

#178 - Kanebo Kracie Naive, Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover Sheet
Drying and dry.  Sheets are thin and hard.  Not even effective enough for wiping swatches on the back of my hand.
Rating: No Way

#179 - Revlon, Super Lustrous Lipgloss #Nude Lustre
The classic my lips but better lipgloss which I can throw on with basically any look.  Sophisticated colour, kind of a natural netural that adds life to my face.  Texture is decent.  Not too sticky nor runny.  Smells a little like medicine but alright in my opinion.
Rating: Okay

#180 - Rimmel, Mascara Lash Maxxx
Funky comb wand.  Not work for me.  Well, many western mascaras formulae don't work on my stubborn lashes, so I don't blame Rimmel.
Rating: No Way

#181 - Styli-Style, Line n Seal 24 hour eyeliner #Blackest Black (from
Something like Gosh or Prestige or my recent favourite Solone or Lakme eyeliner.  But this dried up in its own lid and case.  No longer use-able.
Rating: No Way


#182 - MJ Foot Pack (Korean brand/made, from Beauty Credit stores)
Mentioned in this post.
Rating: Hurray

#183 - Maybelline, XXL Pro extension Micro Fibre Mascara (not pictured)
Mentioned in this post.
Rating: No Way

#184 - Joseristine Hand Mask (Hong Kong brand/made) (not pictured)
Mentioned in this post.
Rating: No Way

#1021 - Watson's, Rilakkuma Soft Facial Puffs (bought in Guangzhou, China)
Obviously I bought this because of the packaging!  It is not pure cotton and I only used this for make up or nail polish removal.
Rating: No Way

#1022 - Suzuran Lily Bell Lilian Puff
Full Review Here.
Rating: Hurray

#1023 - OPI, Nail Lacquer #NL 761 Are you a Movie Star?  
Dried up.  One of my prettiest glitter polish.  Too bad it was a limited holiday colour.  Silly me for not twisting it tight after use! :'(
Rating: Hurray.
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Empties Update:
Jumbo Size: 2 + 1
Full Size: 32 + 16
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 34 + x
Samples: 44 + x
Sheet Masks: 53 + 1
Random/Extras: 20 + 3

Project 20 Skin Care Update: 
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 42.75
Total Finished: 5
Purchased in June: Jumbo/Full Size 1 (Kiss Me sunscreen) *I am cheating by NOT counting what I bought in Japan*
Purchased in July: Jumbo/Full Size 4 (suncreens and Vichy), Deluxe Sample/Travel Size 2, Samples x
Total Purchased: 12
Distance from Goal: 49.75, updated on 15th Aug.

Project 20 Body and Hair Update:
Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Balance Brought Down: 25
Finished: Full/Jumbo 9, Once-off Masks 2 *count as half a product*
Total Finished: 10
Total Purchased: NA
Distance from Goal: 15, updated on 15th Aug.

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. <333 these posts of yours! So many mini reviews and loveee the new rating system!!!

    I need a good cleansing oil... I just bought one but I will be sure to write the ponds one down for future purchases!!

    1. Yay Ari, I finally dug out all my empties for such a post :P and I am loving my new rating system too, seems to help me streamline my reviews.

      Definitely try the Pond's yellow one, it is a lot better than many of the high-end ones in my opinion! I can send you one :D Hmm... let's make a little list for swapping, shall we?

  2. great!!! congratulations with so many empties!!!

    1. @Maria, yea I'm glad I can now throw away so many bottles :P

  3. Hi thanks for your comment! Would love to do a guest post with you. Email me and we can chat more details :)

    1. Dear mimika, OK! I'll email you soon :)



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