Thursday, 16 August 2012

Blogust #16 - Summer Bright Corals NOTD

To go with the ombre, gradient colour combo, I have picked a few of the corals in my nail polish stash to swatch and wear one-next-to-another.  Finishing off with a yellow little pinkie.

List of the 5 shades:
Thumb - OPI, I51 Lunch at the Delhi (obviously from the India collection!)
Index - Nails Inc, Blandford Street 
Middle - Deborah Lippmann, Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Ring - Revlon, 440 Siren
Little Pinkie - Essence, 23 Sundancer

OPI Lunch at the Delhi is a medium/dark pink coral.  Quite red.  Very warm.

Nails Inc Blandford Street is similar to Lunch at Delhi in terms of darkness/brightness, but there isn't a pink tone.  Just orange-coral.

Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a pinkish coral like Lunch at the Delhi, but a little lighter than both the India colour and Nails Inc's.

Revlon Siren is not very coral.  In fact I think it is a good bright orange.

Essence Sundancer is a yellow tending towards the egg yolk side.  Actually it reminds me of a crayon colour.  (Random~)

Other things I used are:
Base - OPI Nail Envy Original
Top - Essie good to go *mixed with equal part of Seche Vite
Quick Dry - Orly Flash Dry Quick-Dry Shine Drops

One last shot with 5 colours on my nails next to one another.  It was taken by my iPad camera and under artificial lighting.  :)

A few updates:

1. I have updated the Blogust Giveaway with prizes.  Please go check that out.  If you haven't already entered, please do!

2.  I am planning to do a special blogging theme for September.  Something to do with 'Swatching', perhaps?  Any idea on how to name it?

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. Great colours!!
    love the contrast!!

    1. Thank you, I love these brights for my nails too :D

  2. I love the yellow essence polish xx

    1. dear sam, essence makes a lot of good nail polishes, I have a small bunch of them, which I all enjoy! too bad it is not available in my place, only in some europe country and the states...

  3. 2. I am planning to do a special blogging theme for September. Something to do with 'Swatching', perhaps? Any idea on how to name it?

    maybe SWATCHFEST :D

    1. @little happy heaven, SwatchFest sounds very interesting, maybe I will use that... thank you for your idea!!!



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