Saturday, 18 August 2012

Blogust #18 - My Beauty Diary Europe Clarifying Pack

Sheet Masks are some of the skin care products that I can't live without, and some of the few that I expect instant and observable results in 1 or 2 uses.  Since teenage I have been trying out different brands and textures, and does this new 2 step pack lives up to my expectation?

Warning: Most of my sheet masks post/review are loaded up with my weird expressionless bare face.  Be prepared.

My Beauty Diary 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack is a 2 in 1 product.  The 1st step is a sheet mask: Black Rose Brightening Mask, and the 2nd step is a gel moisturiser: Rose Honey (Nectar) Refining Gel.  I got these in a box of 8 pieces, for HKD $49, from Bonjour stores.

My clean bare face, after washing, before anything.  I don't have much issues at the moment except a lot of freckles due to UV exposure, undereye circles and dryness, large pores on cheeks, blackheads on nose and a few good big pimples (because it is that time of the cycle).

With the mask on:

The sheet mask texture is just okay.  I find it to be more on the paper side rather than the soft cloth side.  Personally, I prefer the softer cloth sheet.  But this is also good if you're less careful with the sheet, 'coz it is more tolerant at being handled so it won't break as easily.

Cutting is alright, not the perfect fit around my nose, but I didn't bother to make extra cuts to let it stick better *my fault?!?*... Well, I bet not all will bother to do so every time, right? :P

After 20 min.: weird angles and desk lamp is not merciful to me.  (whatever)....

Lotion is nice, with a soft floral scent (I love My Beauty Diary's fragrances in their masks).  Not exactly rosy, but I am not a Nose and I can't tell you what notes are in it.  The effect is moisturising but not sticky.  It does seem to clear and brighten up my skin, and leave it moist.

Step 2 is a rose nectar gel.  I love this one.  I would buy a full pot of this if this is going to be released individually.  It is lightly moisturising, smells freshly of nectar, and locks in nutrients effectively.  My skin is still decently looking the other morning, without any other skin care products!

Overall?  Step 1 Mask is Okay, Step 2 Gel is Hurray!

*My Rating System: here*

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. Jacq your blog is amazing! and I love my beauty diary masks haha I have my collection at home. ohh and love your post on the chinese diving queen wuminxia by the way! She does look like you :)


    1. Thanks Veronica. Didn't expect you to visit and comment! Hope you like my blog :P

      I'm flattered to look like Ms Wu :") will take that as a very big compliment. hehe

  2. Wow your review comes timely. I just saw this mask last week and was wondering if its good. thanks for the review :)

    1. Thanks Mimika. I have another one written up, will be published today. Hope it helps/helped you!



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