Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Blogust #21 - My Beauty Diary Africa Hydrating Pack

Here comes a review of another new My Beauty Diary 2-step mask pack.  This time it is the Africa Hydrating Pack...

Full Name: My Beauty Diary, 2-Step Africa Hydrating Pack
Step 1: Mango Moisturizing Mask
Step 2: Myrtle Rejuvenating Emulsion

They released 5 mask packs based on the 5-continent theme.  I got both of them this month, when there's a sale going on in local Bonjour stores.  *Note: it is really unusual for me to use and review something BEFORE the acquire/haul post is up.  Special!*  Out of the 5, I only really wanted to try 3, but one was out of stock, so I only got the Europe one and this Africa one.  Who knows?  Maybe I will go back and grab the remaining three..... :S

Step 1, the sheet mask.  It smells DIVINE!  A very sophisticated and yummy mango flavour that lingers but doesn't bother.  So good.  Same as the Europe sheet mask, and other newer My Beauty Diary masks, they now have the plastic insert to facilitate the 'unwrapping'.

The solution/lotion is tending towards the thick water side, but not yet milky.  It leaves skin moisturised and nourished, I'd say it is more a mask for drier weather, or for our current hot humid weather, really dry skin.  I feel like it is borderline too heavy for me right now.


During the mask

After the mask (20 minutes)

Step 2, the emulsion.  Again, this smells divine.  Myrrh, woody, maybe some frankincense notes.  I'm not a nose so this could just be what I irresponsibly imagine... :P

Consistency is rather thick, I'll call it a cream instead of an emulsion.  Very moisturising, but at the same time quick-absorbing.  Skin looks smooth and plump.

After applying the emulsion (I need to put on some lipbalm XD)

Overall, this is a mask pack I love, but I'll be saving these for the colder/drier months.

Mask - Hurray
Emulsion - Hurray

Are you intimidated by my random bare face pictures?  What review do you want to read next?  In terms of sheet masks, what effect do you usually opt for?

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. I didn't realize some masks had emulsion:O
    You look super cute making those faces hihi :)
    No I didn't get your package yet but hopefully it will come tomorrow or at the end of the week!
    Hope you liked mine ;)

    1. Hi Sara. *I should have make cooler faces instead of such silly ones hehe*
      Yes, this 2-step pack is rather new concept. a mask plus a moisturiser to lock in the serum~
      I am loving the things you sent! :) hope my parcel arrive at your place soon!



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