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Blogust #22 - Travel and Sample Size, Emptied

Long story short, let's get into the bits and pieces I have used up in the past few months, shall we!?
Skin Care

#185, 186 - My Beauty Diary, 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack
Full review here.
Rating: Okay, it is a Summer mask.  I like the gel more than the mask.

#187, 188 - My Beauty Diary, 2-Step Africa Hydrating Pack
Full review here.
Rating: Hurray, this is an Autumn/Winter mask.

A bunch of cleansers

#189 - Clinique, Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula
The other formula - the Liquid Facial Soap Mild - is one of my holy grail (all time favourite).  Both this (oily) and that (mild) foam up, clean nicely, and smell clinically fresh.  This is slightly drier and I don't like.  Honestly, I don't always pay full price for Clinique skin care as they just don't look exciting enough for the price.  Lame I know.  :P
Rating: No Way

#190 - La Roche-Posay, Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser Cleansing and Make up Removal Fluid
Used this with my Clarisonic.  Despite its name, I find this useless at removing any sort of make up.  I used it as a cleansing milk, and worked okay with my Clarisonic.  I have other cleansers for that purpose though, no need for La Roche Posay's price...
Rating: No Way

#191 - Divinia, Lip n Eye Makeup Remover
Good.  Cheap, effective, not irritating.  Divinia is a Taiwan brand and I got this from Taichung.  Yet recently I saw this brand landing in local Watson's.  So excited!
Rating: Hurray

#192 - Nuxe, Eau Demaquillante Micellaire aux 3 Roses
One of the micellar waters that I don't really enjoy.  I thought this would smell nice, but it doesn't.  The Avene smells much better, (even the Neutrogena rather strong artificial fragrance works for me!).  Doesn't clean super effectively (as with all cleansing water IMO), but that's not bad.  I usually just use cleansing waters when I have minimal make up, or as a last step to rub off residue after my MU-removal//face wash//shower.  Conclusion?  I thought Nuxe should make it smell better. lol
Rating: No Way.

#193 - Natio for men, Daily Face Wash
Mentioned multiple times before.  Not bad, but smells quite masculine/cologne-ly.  It does foam a little and leaves skin fresh instead of dry.  But I still have too many tubes of these to use up.  :S
Rating: No Way.

#194 - Alpha-H, Triple Action Cleanser with Aloe Vera

Mentioned in previous month.  Used this with Clarisonic.
Rating: Okay.

#195 - Biore, Facial Foam Mild
A normal decent cleanser.  Gives good foam, not irritating, cheap, simple scent.  But I prefer something more moisturising.
Rating: No Way.

#196 - Shiseido Benefiance, Creamy Cleansing Foam
Has small beads that will melt when massaging.  Foams up nicely, smells expensive, moisturising, and little-goes-a-long-way.  Very good stuff in my opinion!  May go get a big tube when time comes.  (luckily I'm not a frequent high end skin care shopper.. hehe)
Rating: Hurray

#197 - Caudalie, Vinosource QUenching Sorbet-Creme
Hate this.  Does feel light, but doesn't moisturise well.  Always forever cause eraser debris on my skin no matter how long I allow it to be absorbed, or no matter what else I apply on top.  Yuck.
Rating: No Way

#198 - Laneige Pore Clear Wash Off Pack (old one, now re-formulated)
Full review here.
Rating: Okay.

#199 - A'Pieu, Pure Block Natural Sun Cream Daily SPF45 PA+++
Alright, feels light on the skin.  Nothing special to say.
Rating: Okay

#200 - RMK, Cleansing milk (C)
Decent, I used this with my Clarisonic in 1 go.  Smelled citrus-y, like lemonade or juice. Nothing impressive at all.
Rating: Okay

#201 - Sofina, enriched foam cleanser
Used this with a foaming net.  Foams nicely, smells okay.  Not moisturising for my skin and liking.
Rating: No Way

#202 - The Face Shop, Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam acerola for all skin types
Don't have much to say about this.  Usually 'acerola' is associated with whitening in Asian skin care, but I didn't notice any difference in 1 wash (not its fault).  :P
Rating: Okay

#203 - Choifung Joseristine, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Gel 3in1
In my opinion this cannot substitute make up remover nor tonic/toner.  It is just a cleansing gel.  Nothing special.  Not particularly fond of gel consistency, just personal preference here.
Rating: No Way

#204 - Melvita, Hydrating Facial Gel (normal to combination skin)
Not impressive.  Considering the price, this is rather unsatisfying.  Not particularly hydrating or transforming.
Rating: No Way

#205 - Melvita, Moisturizing Rose Nectar (normal to dehydrated skin)

Used this generous sample as night cream for 2 or 3 nights.  Like: Rosy scent.  Good ingredients.  Moisturises nicely.  Can see the 'glowy skin' on day after.  Good ingredients.  Dislike: Insane price tag.  It retails for over hk $400 (us $50) for a bottle.
Rating: Okay (not willing to shell out the $$ for this though)

#206 - Nivea Visage, Pure n Natural Anti Wrinkle Day Cream with Argan Oil and Burdock Fruit Extract

Nice Scent.  Good slightly-thick consistency.  Not oily.  Absorbs well and works well under my sunscreen.
Rating: Okay (this line isn't available in my city!)

#207 - Hanskin, Lipomide Essence
Used this in 1 go.  No scent.  Applies smoothly, slightly silicon-feel.  Nice.
Rating: Okay

#208 - Clarins, White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
Smells lovely.  Applies nicely.  Skin is visibly brighter after the product is absorbed.  Not drying.  Price not friendly.
Rating: Okay

#209 - Priori, CoffeeBerry Day Complex
As a sample the quantity is a little too generous and messy to use in a few times.  I'd rather they come in a mini tube or something.  It is a lotion/emulsion kind of serum, tends towards the oily/heavy side.  I don't particularly like it, but I think I'll use up the other samples.
Rating: Okay

#210 - Choifung Beauty Life, Rose Bulgarian Tonic
Beauty Life is now renamed as Beautiella.  There is still a rose line in Beautiella so I suppose this is not discontinued.  Smells very good, applies well and moisturises effectively.  Like it, but don't think it is superior to my Naruko toners... hehe
Rating: Okay

Make Up

Yay for finishing up some testers and samples!  Better than none.  LOL

#211 - Kose Esprique, Foundation UV SPF20/PA++ OC-410
Got this in a set from Japan drugstore.  Esprique is a drugstore line of Kose in Japan, but a department store line here in Hong Kong :S  Anyway, the powder foundation is alright, but colour doesn't match me.
Rating: Okay (for the consistency)

#212 - Kose Esprique, Moist Filling Base UVSPF20/PA++
Didn't enjoy this.  Moist it says, but not moist enough for my skin... Enough said.
Rating: No Way

#213 - Dior Show Iconic Mascara
Brilliant for volume.  I like to apply this on top of another lengthening mascara.  But this mini travel size didn't last long.  Dried up a little too soon.  Hmmm.. To be frank, I prefer drugstore, esp. Asian drugstore, mascara over any department store/ high-end mascaras.  My lashes are cheap like that :D
Rating: Okay

#214 - Lancome Definicils Pro
Didn't work for me.  When it was fresh, it did give black, thick lashes but straighten up my curls.  I remember it did smudge too.
Rating: No Way

Body and Hair

#215 - Mercure and Me Conditioning Shampoo
Was obtained from hotel.  I used this to wash make up brushes, I think... :S
Rating: No Way

#216 - The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner for dry hair
Smells very adorable of sweet honey.  Leaves hair alright but I feel it takes a lot to coat my hair.  Won't purchase in full size/ retail price.
Rating: No Way

#217 - Korres Rice Proteins and Oligoelements Little Shampoo for Fine and Fragile Hair

Good:  Very gentle.  I accidentally spilled this into my eye and no irratation was felt.  Very good ingredients too.  Bad:  Did nothing to my hair and left it tangly.
Rating: No Way (sorry, I really wanted to like this!)

#218 - Korres Achillea Little Conditioner for All Hair Types

Leaves hair dry.  Nothing to say about it.  Consistency is very thin, thin like it doesn't contain much ingredient :S
Rating: No Way

#219 Choifung CL, AA3747 Bamboo Charcoal Icy Shower Gel 
Just a shower gel.
Rating: No Way

#220 - 爆汗湯 (Soda)
Supposed to make you sweat a lot, promote good blood circulation, in a bath.  Didn't give me that feeling while I was on holiday, well, probably because I used 1 packet for too big a tub?
Rating: Okay

#221 - Phyto Paris, phytocitrus restructuring mask
Very good.  I feel like this revived my under-nourished, over-dyed, over-processed hair.  Dislike: not smell crazily good, but that's not a big problem... hehe
Rating: Hurray

#222 - Pantene Clinicare, Color/Perm Damage Repair Treatment
Nice.  Always like the Clinicare lines.
Rating: Okay (I want to venture more into 'natural' 'organic' hair care)

#223 - Rahua, Conditioner for longer, stronger hair
Decent, but not spectacular.  I much prefer the shampoo!
Rating: Okay

#224 - Rahua, Shampoo for longer, stronger hair
Superb!  Leaves hair soft and silky without the heavy-silicon feeling.  Smells nicer than nice and foams well too... Con: maybe pretty pricey?
Rating: Hurray (where the hell can I get hold of more of these!?)


#1024 - Cle de Peau Beaute, Cotton (travel size)
Full review here.  This is worth the expensiveness.
Rating: Hurray

That's what I have finished in the past 3 months or so.  More empties are piling up for the next post, already...  What have you recently used up, that lives up to the 'Hurray' tag!?

2012 Empties Update:
Jumbo Size: 3 + x
Full Size: 48 + x
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 34 + 16
Samples: 44 + 22
Sheet Masks: 54 + 2
Random/Extras: 23 + 1

Project 20 Skin Care Update: 
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 49.75
Finished: Travel/Deluxe Sample 10, Sample 14
Total Finished: 8.5
Total Purchased: x
Distance from Goal: 41.25, updated on 22th Aug.

Project 20 Body and Hair Update:
Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Balance Brought Down: 15
Finished: Travel/Deluxe Sample 4, Sample 6
Total Finished: 3.5
Total Purchased: x
Distance from Goal: 11.5, updated on 22th Aug.

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  1. Replies
    1. :") yes quite a bit, coz that's accumulated over couple of months

  2. Thank you for such a helfpul post!

  3. quite impressive. Have not tried half of the brands (yet?), so your opinion was special to me. Radmila.

    1. @radmilamila, thank you. well. a lot of the brands I have only tried samples of, and have not really used many products from. thank you for finding my post special! :")

  4. I was eyeing the LRP Toleriane- but also read not so great reviews, glad I didn't purchase! I have the Avene micellaire and quite like it too!

    1. LRP is a very very good brand. I just don't find this cleansing lotion/milk remarkable. but I have read good things about the Toleriane moisturisers, perhaps I need to dig them out to use when temperature and humidity start lowering (i'm so looking forward to that...)

      regarding micellar water, I have acquired a few bottles again recently... need to blog about them soon :D



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