Thursday, 23 August 2012

Blogust #23 - If I didn't...

buy these...

... then my sister won't have them... Bascially this is a collective regret/disappointment review of some sort.  Not too well-organised, just rambles mainly...
  • 2x Mannings face brushes - synthetic, but NOT soft.
  • Natio Powder Brush - organic (animal hair), but rough.  also, bleeds red dye every time I washed it, for over 10 times.
  • Daiso electrical nail/cuticle buffer - never got around to use it because it needs a battery.
  • Sasatinnie electrical heat eyelash curler - I managed to overcome the 'find-the-battery' challenge, but this thing doesn't warm up hot enough, meaning it doesn't do its job.  
  • Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara - not impressed.  heard great things about this but did nothing to my lashes.
  • Revlon #430 Whimsical nail polish - the baby blue base colour is nearly clear even with 3 coats on, and the glitter don't show up on nails.
  • Elizabeth Arden Good Night's Sleep - Waste of money.  Not moisturising nor nourishing when we're talking about a thick cream.  Foster good sleep?  Nah, the smell of it is just mediocre and I don't feel any better when I put this on to bed.  Sigh.
  • Softymo Mineral Wash - I bought this together with the pink one (moist rich), as they are so cutely packaged.  This is the 'normal' version, too drying for my skin, even in this hot weather where I tend to be a little more oily.
  • Guerlain Parure Aqua #02 Beige Clair - too dark and pink for my skin tone.  
  • AC Silver Lip Gloss - cheap buys at Sasa.  They smell deliciously of peaches, but not much colour pay-off.  I relied on the nude colour to tune down my too-bright lipsticks at work, sometimes.  But they aren't exceptionally good in any means.  
  • Rimmel Vinyl Gloss #Snog (not sure) - Not a fan of their scents.  It is similar to the NYX cherry medicine one.  The colour is decent, quite a grown-up pink.  It is too old and I have to throw it away.  
  • No7 High Shine Lipgloss in #Flirt - This was what michelle phan blogged about when she was still on Xanga (anyone is as old-school as I am?).  I threatened my friend studying in UK to buy me one.  Those were the days when we just met twice a year during the Summer and Winter breaks.  Back to the lipgloss, the colour is gorgeous, formula is alright, just not the best lipgloss in the world.  
  • Shiseido PN eyeshadow stick in #BR131 - A little history, before Shiseido launched Maquillage, PN was their line marketing 'modern office lady'.  That was the time when little Jacq was still in Primary School.  Anyway, this was one item that I dragged my mum to a counter and bought with me.  Perhaps this can be one of those historic pieces to share in a later post... Shall I, Ari? *she tagged me to share some make up that associates with good old memories in this post*
  • Clarins True Radiance Foundation in #01 Natural Linen (got in a swap) - alright foundation.  smells a little overwhelmingly perfumed.  i like the formula.  however the colour is too dark even for my Summer complexion.  So it went to my sister's make up bag :D
  • Beaute de Kose Mascara Fantasist Volume-Show WP #Blackest Black Volume Gradation Mascara - what a name.  It has a very tiny adorable brush that could work for lower lashes, but the formula does nothing.  Not heavy, not light, just a very thin coat of colour, not blackest black either.
  • Clinique Lash Power Mascara - Just another mascara that doesn't work.  
  • Blinc Tube Mascara (got as freebie from blog sale) - whatever the science behind it, me and blinc are not friends.  they weighed down my curls.  full stop.
  • Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt - gorgeous packaging, but that's it.  Didn't work for my lashes.  Have I already said my lashes are stubborn and super difficult to please?
*if anyone has any tips on the above used items, or that you want to take them, just pop me a comment or email, will be more than happy to send you XD*

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. i love that Rimmel mascara, they usually work really well for me! xx

    1. I see... but out of the couple that I have tried, none worked :(

  2. All those makeup products are so lovely.. makes me wanna have them :D

  3. I love that Rimmel mascara and gloss! I agree the scent is weird but I've grown to love it- my sister actually stole mine and I repurchased, haha

    1. my sister doesn't love make up as much as yours... (lucky me!) :D

  4. so you did not like clarins foundations? It used to work very well for me (until i met kanebo foundations that is). Radmila.

    1. @radmilamila. this clarins foundation is the 1st one I tried (as far as I remember), and the colour didn't match, so I'm still hopeful if I can find another good Clarins one for me. :)

      Kanebo makes really good stuff, I love their Lavshuca, Kate, Lunasol lines! :D

  5. I have always wanted to try heated eyelash curler, I didn't think there are the curlers that don't heat enough, and that it's hard to find a battery... Now I think that my Japonesque curler is good enough ^^

    Elena R.
    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

    1. Well Elena, the difficulty in finding a battery is just 'coz I'm lazy... :D

      but honestly, being hot enough to curl, and warm enough to be safe is tricky. so i guess i'll stick with my bunch of traditional manual lash curlersss

      hehe, thx for commenting~~~~

  6. I just did a mini clear out and gave some stuff to my mom and cousin- I should have done a post as a reminder to not buy those things in the future:) I also have Whimiscal and was pretty disappointed in that color:/

    1. yea Yessie, i did this post just to remind me not to waste $ on things that aren't good, or things that I won't use....

      whimsical is really disappointing, it looks so pretty in the bottle!



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