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Blogust #25 - Beauty Haul from Taiwan (over 80 products)

This is simple show-case of what I (and my sister) hauled back from Taiwan over July/August.  Before you read on, have you noticed the addition of Facebook box on your left hand side?  Please do me a favour and go Like my facebook page!  That will make my day.  Thank you!!!!!!

I do apologise, as I photographed these over a period of time, I have take duplicate shots of certain items, while I did get multiples of some particular shade/item... anyway, I'll mark clearly the quantity I have gotten for each of them... No confusion, I hope :)

1. Integrate Pure Big Eyes #BR337
2. Integrate Pure Big Eyes #OR334
3. Integrate Pure Big Eyes #PK333

4. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #02 Jade
5. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #03 Forest
6-7. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #04 Bronze (I did get two because this shade is marvellous!  Perfect for me to wear as lower eyeliner without looking too fierce but gives enough definition!)
8. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #05 Brown
9. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #11 Champagne
10-11. Integrate Pure Big Eyes #GR777 (Got two of this palette, will probably giveaway one of them next month!  Stay tuned!)

Some swatches of my favourite Solone #Bronze eyeliner and Integrate #GR777.  :D

12. Lavshuca Pure Blossoming Eyes Limited Edition Set #PK (including a palette and an eyeshadow base)
13. Lavshuca Pure Blossoming Eyes Limited Edition Set #PU (including a palette and an eyeshadow base)
14. Integrate Pure Big Eyes #VI221
15. Integrate Pure Big Eyes #1 (the limited colour!)
16-17. Neuve Eyebrow #Grey (2 pieces, direct translated name from the Japanese writing, thx to my brother... these are just simple basic brow pencils...)
18-19. Neuve Eyebrow #Brown (2 pieces)

20. Solone Magic Waterproof Eyepencil #04 Black and Gold
21. Solone Magic Waterproof Eyepencil #07 Purple
22. Solone Jumbo Eyeliner Pen (Black)
23. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #09 Turquoise
24. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #08 Dark Night
25. Solone Gel Like Smoody Pencil -waterproof- for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner #07 Purple

26. Solone Magic Auto Waterproof Eye Pencil #03 Brown
27. Solone Magic Auto Waterproof Eye Pencil #02 Silver Black
28. Solone Magic Auto Waterproof Eye Pencil #04 Gold Black
29. Solone Magic Auto Waterproof Eye Pencil #05 Silver White
30. Solone Magic Auto Eyeliner Pen (black)

Swatches are below!

31. Jye Yan Meei Party Queen Sexy Eyelash J-08 (5 pairs) **close-up shot below**
32. Jye Yan Meei Party Queen Sexy Eyelash J-09 (5 pairs)

33. Elite Paris Just Perfect Make Up Base (free sample)
34. NYX Lip Lacquer Pot Lipgloss #LLP04 Georgia Peach
35. NYX Lip Lacquer Pot Lipgloss #LLP03 London Hip
36. Kose Esprique Forming Beauty Pact UV Lasting #OC-405 SPF22/PA++ (free sample)
37-38. Kose Esprique Lucent Lasting Base UV 50 SPF50/PA+++ (free sample)
**random hair ties**

39. Kyusha Make Up Puff #Rhombus shape (12 pieces)
40. Kyusha Make Up Puff #Round and Rectangle (20 pieces)
41. Kyusha Make Up Puff #White Round (10 pieces)

42-43. Beaute 3 永和三美人 Make Up Sponge *70mm diameter (this is the new packaging!)

44-45. Guang Yuan Liang 廣源良 Loofah/Caigua Water 菜瓜水 (i got 2 bottles, but 1 is with my sister)
46. Vaseline After Sun Aloe Vera Gel (because I was burnt in Kenting....)
47-48. Nexcare Acne Care 3M Zit Sticker *Mixed Size* 
49-50. Nexcare Acne Care 3M Zit Sticker *Small Size*
51. Dr. Wu Acnecur System Acnecur Pore Refining Toner with AC.NET
52. Uriage Aqua Precis Moisturizing Comfort Cream
53. Uriage Aqua Precis Moisturizing Rereshing Cream Gel
54-55. Vichy UV Pro Secure Anti-UV Anti-Pollution Daily Ultra-Block SPF40 PA+++
56-57. Divinia Whitening Mask
58-59. Agenil 4D Derma Plumping Moisturizing Experience Kit (including Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing Essence)

60. Daiso Sweet Bath FOot Smoother - Coarse Mesh - Cute Floral Mesh (quote: "makes heels very smooth due to the scrubbing effect of silica sand, which looks just like drops."  end quote... is this proper English?)
61. Opple (or no brand) Lip Brush (because this was dirt cheap)
62. KingWare Nail Buffer (this was placed in our shopping basket by accident)
63. Babybas Leopard Turban Cap 

64. Naruko Derma Professional Peptide Wrinkle Smooth Mask (free gift with magazine :D)
65-66. Dove go fresh Renew Body Wash #raspberry 'n lime scent (free gift)

Nail Polish
67. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine #44 Bleu model

68. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine #39 Jaune trendy
69. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine #60 Bleu fabuleux

70. Missha Lucid Nail Polish #PP03

71. Castle Dew Diamond Princess #9392 Lavender Garden (all names translated by me, i.e. not 'official')
72. Castle Dew Diamond Princess #9918 Elegant Bronze
73. Castle Dew Diamond Princess #9109A Pink Starry Night
74. Castle Dew Diamond Princess #9143 Princess Pink

From Just Herb75. Just Herb Soothing Essence Roller Stick (birthday gift for my sis as her b'day was in Aug)
76. Just Herb Cypress Calming Leg Gel
77. House of Rose Alo Body AC Powder - Medicated (for my back acne)
78. Just Herb Easy Transit Herb TeaNot Pictured

Meko Mild Enamel Remover
La Lune Cotton Facial Puff

Wow.  What a big lot I/we bought and brought back!  More reviews and posts on these goodies, promised!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. ooo love hte yellow bourjois nail polish. I hate seeing your hauls because I feel like I need to shop or that im not shopping enough! hahaha

    Great haul xx

    1. Sam dear, don't say so! I shop so much I need to document them down otherwise what I bought (SHAME)... Will probabaly do a no-buy until my birthday month (Oct)... hehe.

      That yellow bourjois is indeed beautiful~ you have done some good nail polish posts recently too! :D

  2. Just curious are any of these Taiwanese brand?

    1. Yes of course, mimika.

      "Solone" is a very good Taiwan make up brand. Also, the "party queen" lashes are made in taiwan too. "Kyusha" and "Beaute 3" are good quality tools maker. "Guang Yuan Liang 廣源良" is a traditional natural brand using vegetables to make skin care. "Agenil" is a drugstore/dermatologist kind of skin care brand. "Just Herb" is an aromatherapy brand/store.

      Last but not least, "Naruko", my favourite taiwan skin care brand! :D

  3. Whoa great haul u have over there! I actually visited taiwan around the same time as you. Guess what I came back with? Only a full set of Naruko RJT, sample size Rose cleansing oil, marjoram eye cream (buy 1 free 1 for TWD299 XD) and a Kose auto eyebrow pencil (beauty emergency, bought gray shade which was too dark for my already dark brows :/

    1. I see, Kay, your haul sounds very good too! How are you liking the Naruko RJT line and Marjoram eye cream?

      I don't quite like the NRK Rose Cleansing Oil :P

    2. Have yet to use the cleansing oil, why didn't you like it? *curious*

      RJT toner - cotton pad seems dry on my face although it is almost fully soaked (previously using Rose toner).

      Serum runs out too quickly - I use 3 pumps every time, absorbs too quickly and never get to massage it on my neck. I only have one bottle left.

      Moisturizer still decent, good for the humid climate here. Cream quick absorbing too and have to use more if I wanna massage my neck.

      Night gelly - smells like the iced barley drinks we have here :>

      Marjoram eye cream - still using it as it doesn't give me milia like other creams do.

      Oh I can write an essay about my experience of using Naruko! XD

    3. Wow Kay, you can definitely write a post on your experience! That would be lovely to read.

      I haven't yet started to use my RJT toner :P perhaps you need more moisturising ones.. Agree with your serum feeling, it is fast-absorbing and use up quickly~

      For the Rose Cleansing Oil, I dislike the scent of it. It cleans ok, wash off ok, doesn't cause break out, but the smell is not good. You know how amazing the rose night gelly/toner smell like? the cleansing oil is totally different!!! (read my short review here:

      Anyway, thx for the sharing :D



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