Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blogust #27 - Instagramming #18

Here comes a little belated Instagramming post, read the previous one here, on my other blog.  I am still a few dozens photos behind my real-time update, so if you don't want to read out-dated pictures of my life, follow me on instagram or twitter for the most recent ones!!  I update them up to a few times daily~~~~~

1-2.  Sweets and goodies from an international swap.  Read the full post here.  3.  One hundred followers on instagram, hurray!  *I have 137 today as I'm writing this post, hehe*  4.  Ikea popcorns make the whole Ikea trip worthy.  XD  5. My entry picture to Lanolips' Instagram #lovelylanolips competition.  Featuring the Lanolips 101 ointment, lipglosses, my 'new iPad', my blog and 'the' ring.  FYI, I didn't win, but my sister did!  Congratulations. :D  6. 8.  Foodporn.  Cup noodles, original coke, and McNugget are my drugs.  7.  A random self portrait taken when I was stuck on a mini bus.  9-10.  Go China FOTD!  So much fun~ Yay~  11. Organising my eyeshadows.  I have 3 boxes of these now.  Who want's an inventory/make up stash post?  12.  "Good morning world", on my Rilakkuma pillow. Hehe.

Pls tell me in the comments below whether you like to see 12 or 15 small pictures in one Instagram-collage!  Yay~ 

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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