Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blogust #28 - Sun Protection by La Roche Posay

Excuse me for capturing the evil red carbonated syrup next to the Uvidea XL Tinted Cream by La Roche Posay.  It is simply because, I can't live without either of these in the current heat and Sun.  Uvidea XL offers SPF50 and PA+++, while the coke offers a few hundred kCal while it quench my thirst and cool me down.

Short Review:

The cream itself is in a slight peachy skin colour.  As pictured above, it is a lotion, or thin cream consistency. It is designed for and tested on Asian sensitive skin.  Formula is Fragrance-free, Paraben-free.  Has a faint scent of clinical smell (not prominent nor offensive).

The description says to apply it as the last step of morning skin care regime, every morning, as a make-up base.  It does correct the skin tone a little, and brighten up any dullness especially with the lack of sleep.

Once blended, it has a slight sheen, and reflects light.  Probably not the best thing you would wear for flash photography.  It wears very comfortably, and moisturise my combo/dry skin in the warm weather very well.  I didn't get new sunspot/freckles with this due to the PA+++.  PA+++ is the highest UVA protection index, (which is not a universal adopted index).  For your information, SPF is related to UVB which goes less deep into your skin.

Read more about UVA and UVB on

I really like how this UVIDEA XL wears on my skin, and I'm near the end of it.  Thanks for protecting my skin from the harmful rays in Hong Kong, Tokyo/Japan, and Kenting/Taiwan!  :D


A "Hurray" product.

I love it and perhaps I will get a full size of this, when I down-size my moisturiser/sunscreen stash a little bit.  Are there any good sunscreen or make up base that you recommend me to try?  I always love to read about and try new skin care!

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  1. Omg! I just read about some of their products on Liz (Beauty Reductionista) Blog and now you!! Next time I am in Toronto I will definitely need to snag me some!!!

    1. they do make decent products. if your habit/routine requires them.

      there are some OKAY products also, for instance, i don't quite enjoy their cleanser/make up remover. cleansing milk ( make up remover (

      la roche posay is just another brand acquired by L'oreal, so, some formula might be shared with L'oreal's other brands (maybelline, biotherm, kiehl's, loreal, garnier, giorgio armani, shu uemura, vichy, lancome, etc etc....)

      i enjoy this sunscreen a lot, but doesn't mean i'm faithful to l'oreal or LRP. i'm such a xhore when it comes to beauty/skin care. XD



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