Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blogust #29 - Swap with Passing Fancy

Sara from Europe (her blog) contacted me and ask for a little international swap.  I am very in love with my Catrice eyeshadows so "why not!?" and here we go!  This post is a little show-case of everything she sent, and I'm sorry I forgot to swatch them, and I haven't yet used all of them... Will do more posts later...  Okay?

First, from Catrice, the elder sister brand from Cosnova:

  • Defining Duo Blush #050 Apricot Smoothie (made in germany) the 2 shades are pretty similar, but you can see a 'redder' coral on the right, and an orange colour on the left.
  • Multi Colour Blush #060 Strawberry Frappucino (made in PRC!) the second darkest shade is really pretty!  the whole palette is quite pastel and white-based but not powdery.  
  • Absolute Eye Colour #340 Ooops... Nude Did It Again! (germany) this is a very pretty ivory nude colour with satin finish
  • Absolute Eye Colour #270 Grey's Philosophy (poland) I wanted some good matte shadows, and this is a very pale soft grey, which I actually never owned any of!  happy :)
  • Absolute Eye Colour #080 Go, Charlie Brown! (poland) matte neutral dark chocolate.  amazing texture
  • Absolute Eye Colour #450 Oh, It's Toffeeful! (france) silky warm golden bronze, very natural on the skin, gives a warm pretty sheen to the eyes.  the most wearable of the 4! 
Just a tiny remark, except one blush was made in Chinese factory, apparently Catrice sourced their eyeshadows from at least 3 different European countries, interesting!

Then, from the younger brand from Cosnova, we have Essence!

  • XXXL shine lipgloss #19 Nude Candy (germany)
  • colour and go quick drying nail polish #78 blue addicted (france) so pretty!  it is blue and green glitters in a dark blue jelly base.  love!
  • colour and go quick drying nail polish #67 make it golden (france) another very pretty gold mix.  big and small gold glitter floating in a shimmery-clear base.  a gorgeous top coat!
  • Fruity nail polish #very kiwi (luxembourg) base on a google search result, i guess this is the shade name.  a pastel pretty green.  not yet worn this...  read better shots over on this blog - external link.  I want the pink "mashed berry" and apricot "peach beauty" too!
  • Gel eyeliner brush (not labelled country of origin!) a synthetic slanted brush for liner.  I like its thinness for precision, but worry it may not be 'firm' enough and would move when I draw...  
  • Smokey eyes brush (china) the instructions said this can be used to do crease-work as well as smudging out eyeliner.  for my tiny eyes, I guess this will be good for crease/socket work only.  not yet washed this out, so I don't know if the purple dye would bleed?  I'll report back.
Below are a few more shots on the 2 eye brushes I got.

Finally, Sara included a bunch of sweets for me, and some sparkly confetti.  She said I could use those for nail art, why not!? so I save them up for later!  My parcel arrived at hers, and I'm waiting for her post to be published... at the mean time, please go and check out her lovely blog~ link~ (why not!?)

Edited on 30-Aug:  Read what I sent her in this post

Thanks again, Sara!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. i <3 catrice!!! :) essence gel eyeliner brush works amazing for me (i buy 3 of them) and smokey eyes brush (i have 3 of them also) has not lost color. smokey eyes brush is not softest.

    1. thanks for your comment, i love catrice and essence a lot too!

      i just washed the 2 eye brushes and will be using them very soon. i am like you too! when i find good and cheap brushes i tend to get 2 or 3 as i fear they will be discontinued, be lost or dirty (lazy brush-washer = jacq)


  2. Hope you like everything <3
    Such a shame I didn't have a bigger box at home!
    Will definitely send even more extras if you'd like to swap in the future with me :)
    OH! And finally wrote about your swap aswell.


    1. Thanks Sara, yes maybe next time! coz i think i will need more catrice eyeshadow... give me a good few weeks to use the stuff and then let's contact on email!

      i have included your link in my post! glad you like the goodies~

      cheers~~~ :D

  3. I love me some swapping=) Great stuff. I got some Catrice shadows in a MUA swap I did and love them!

    1. catrice is amazing, isn't it!? swapping is even more amazing! :D



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