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Blogust #3 - The Olympics, Diving, Illamasqua 奧運。霞姐!? :D

(Warning, this is a patriotic post.  I am an extreme patriarch every 4 years, during the Summer Olympics.)

This is gonna be a really random post with a mix of sports, my favourite medalist, make up brand, an Illamasqua 'haul'and sales. If you aren't interested in diving, or how I weave these unrelated ideas together, then skip this post!

從 2004 奧運開始,師妹和同學已經在說,我和當時還不太出名的一位跳水運動員長得相似很像似。今天就寫寫她{吳敏霞}吧!




Last weekend, Wu Minxia, my twin sister from Shanghai, was awarded a gold medal in the women's synchronised 3m springboard diving event, with her teammate He Zi.  This is the 3rd time Wu achieved an Olympic Gold  in her career; this is also her 5th medal in the Games.

Wu is the 1st Chinese athlete in Chinese Olympiad history, to earn Golds in the same event for 3 consecutive Games.  She is also one of the greatest Chinese divers in history.  This Sunday (my Monday morning actually), she will be jumping for her 6th medal in the Olympic games.  Being the number one diving athlete alive in this planet, I have confidence she will earn herself an individual gold.  If so, she will be the best Chinese female diver ever, better than FU Mingxia and GUO Jingjing, or any of those names!

Note: I do not own the right to publish these pictures.  But I'm too in love with Xiaxia to act sensibly.  Sorry.

Absolutely amazing body, no?

Now, onto my Illamasqua haul.  (an abrupt change of topic!?)

I acquired the stuff below when they were having the BIG sales few weeks ago.  Items were reduced to 5 pounds or 10 pounds or so.  Hence I managed to make a relatively big order.

(言歸正傳)。。早陣子 Illamasqua 家官網有「出清大減價」。定力不足的我買了以下的一堆。。先打品名和色號給大家看,試色和妝容有機會再分享!

Very tempted to try their new Skin Base foundation, but buying a foundation in a shade that matches is tricky enough, so I'll probably not get this off their site.  :S

Freak perfume sample (free) smells really really nice.  On the heavier side, but nothing too repelling.  I hope Mr. Boyfriend will like this also so I may pick up a big one when the mini runs out.  :P

Medium Pencil in Torment and Manic.  Fat Pencil in Perverse, Fickle and Wilful.

Concealer in CC210.  Under Eye Concealer in UC200.  Liquid Metal in Stoic.  Cream Eye Shadow in Intrude, Outcast, Love.  

Cream Blusher in Betray and Devour.

Sheer Lipgloss in Tantrum, Kindle and Electrify.  Loose Powder in LP210.  Pressed Powder in PP325.  Powdered Metal in Bebhionn and Thalia.

Nail polishes in Strike, Elope, Propaganda, Whack, Snap and Bacterium.

You may wonder why this Illamasqua 'haul' will appear together with my I-Love-Wuminxia post.  The reason is simple, is because London is hosting the Olympics + Illamasqua is from the Great Britain.

And, because of another great deal, I'm hopelessly getting my online shopping basket full of Illamasqua make up (again).... *order placed* guess which benchmark I've reached?  Of course I'm getting all the gold-silver-bronze!! Poor wallet...

Happy Olympic Games!  Are you watching the games?  What is your fav sports to watch?  Any athlete(s) worth mentioning????

*FYI, I'm not a fan of Tom Daley.  full stop.*

Read More: 
bbc - Wu and He's 3m synco Gold

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. i like the blushes. I planned to buy, for a long time blushes morale or hussy :)

    1. @littlehappyheaven, you just reminded me to bring out hussy to wear! :) their cream and powder blushes are indeed amazing, go try 1 or 2!



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