Monday, 6 August 2012

Blogust #6 - Short NOTD

Please excuse the condition of my nails in these pictures.  They were post-holiday and I chopped/peeled off some of them for no special reason.  I'm calling this Short NOTD because I will keep this short!  Short description and review of the items used will be discussed below:

OPI Nail Envy Original - one of my all time favourite base coat.  it doesn't perform growth-miracle to my nails, but does keep my nails in good condition.  dries quickly and colour polishes layer over it smoothly.  a bottle lasts pretty a long while.  recommend!
Essie #Love, Beverly Hills xx - a gorgeous red, with real gold particles inside.  one coat can be enough, but i went with 2 as usual.  the consistency is spot on, but i hope they improve their brushes!  (heard that the UK diffusion line has modified brushes, would like to try those...)
Models Own #Gold Rush - this could be my favourite gold nail polish out of the dozens.  it has a near-foil effect.  very shiny.  the shade is a standard gold, not too yellow, not too pale, just right.  consistency is very nice as well.  if i could change something, i will change its brush, but well, for its price, it is already 'perfect' to me :D  thx Sam for sending this to me!
DIY Top coat - half of it is Essie Good to Go, half is Seche Vite.  very gloopy and gooey and thick.  disgusting almost.  but keeps colours vibrant and shiny for many days.  warning: it is not a very good idea to mix topcoats like this.  but i did so because i have too many bottles of half-used top/base coats.

What bright nail combo are you rocking in the midst of Summer?  Is gold/red too much for me, or you?  :D  

I will be blogging daily in the month of August and calling this my Blogust'12.  This idea was inspired by Sandra from this blog.  Have a fabulous Summer break before the Autumn returns! 

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. no worries! I really like Models own, my fav drugstore nail polish =D


  2. Love the blogust series you have going on:) I've had my eye on the OPI nail envy- its on every blog I've seen!

    1. OPI nail envy is indeed decent and one of the best nail care/ base coats I have used. thx for reading and liking my blogust posts! :D



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