Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blogust #8 - Instagramming #14

1-3.  On double-deck bus' upper-deck.  From Tsim Sha Tsui going home.  I detest numerous things of Hong Kong, but double decks are one of the many I am grateful for.

4.  Pic from miss photographer of my shoot with happysunlab.  Post on that later!

5.  Skin care samples obtained at Chanel counter.

6.  Zara sales new purchases.

7.  Soup with very high protein/collagen content, good for skin and everything to grow.

8.  Can't sleep at 3:40am.

9-10.  Travelling on upper deck bus to HK Island for book fair.

11.  My book fair beauty haul.  I subscribed to 2 magazines for a year, hence the gifts.  Even a traditional publisher threw in hair conditioner and sunscreen with my book purchases.  Crazy!

12.  Delifrance lunch set with my sister Jen (@jenho_sk on instagram).

13.  Blog sale parcel arrived!  Got my first ever Tarte blush from Meredith.  Post on that later!

14.  Painted my nails in gold and red.  Post already up, link here!

15.  FOTD.... I filmed a video with this look, just don't know if I would in fact get around to edit and upload it... what do you think?

I'm trying to keep my Instagramming post once a week on this blog, while I also post on my other blog.  Is that okay with you?  What transport do you enjoy the most?  Bus like me, or by other means?  Comment below!

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Instagramming #13 was already posted here, please check! 

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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