Friday, 31 August 2012

Blogust Finale - Look I wore to a MAC party

This is the 2nd Face-of-the-day Friday post.  I hope I can continue with this little series because we all love to see some FOTD, don't we?

I struggled a little naming this post, or look.  'A' MAC party doesn't seem to reflect the importance of this party to me.  Replacing 'A' with 'The' is arrogant, as if everyone knows which party I was wearing it to.  Anyway, I figure I would settle with 'A', as I wish I would be invited to many more other parties in the future.  :")

The StyleSeeker party's dress code was "Sassy, Chic and Exotic"; I don't know where did I fall into.  As far as my observation goes, that night, most guests were either Office-Lady styled, or night-club appropriate.  Not particularly sassy nor chic nor exotic.  :P  For your information, my outfit was an Indian set Mum got me when she's on holiday in India.

Let's begin with the simplest - eyes.  I only used 4 eyeshadows:

  • MAC, Mulch (V) - the middle rectangle pan in the palette.  a dark 'Velvet' finish brown.  deep and mysterious.  I used this to blend and set my eyeliner and lower lash line.
  • Addiction by Ayako, Rigoletto (ME) - the square pan.  Addiction makes eyeshadows in 4 finishes, M for matte, P for pearl, ME for 'Metallic' and S for sparkle.  I wore this amazing (boring?) champagne colour on my lids.
  • MAC, Taupe Note (M) - the little round pan.  netural medium 'matte' taupe i got in an ancient palette.  used this to create some socket definition.
  • MAC, Next to Nothing (F) - the top left colour in the quad.  a wearable pretty 'frost'.  used this to highlight my brow bone.

From left to right: Mulch, Rigoletto, Taupe Note, Next to Nothing

Other eye products used:

  • Shiseido Integrate, liquid eyebrow #1 - a neutral sheer ink.  the other shade, #2 is more red in tone.
  • Lakme, Kohl Ultimate - of course I had to wear some Indian brand kohl eyeliner in the inner rim of my eyes, despite this is also made in germany. :P
  • Kiss Me Heroine Make, liquid eyeliner 
  • Kiss Me Heroine Make, Long and Curl Mascara - my holy grail mascara. one of the many HGs.
  • Canmake, Eyeshadow Base - I tossed this on the floor and poor hinge broke.  :(

Lashes and glue:

  • #008 - upper lashes.  very natural and flirty.  I think this could be one of my all-time fav.  Comparison shots of it and other lashes over in this post.
  • Onyx, Under 4 - lower lashes.  I cut a few pieces out from each side, and place them sparingly.  never like to wear lower lashes in one full strip.
  • Koji Dolly Wink, Eyelash Fix (original) - it is white, and dries clear.  it has a thin brush tip for precise applictaion.  i like it.  although that day, my lashes still popped off in the inner corner coz I didn't trim my lashes short enough, and my eyes watered a lot. :S

close up of the foundation and concealer
Onto the face.

  • MAC, Studio Sculpt Concealer NC20 - mainly under my eyes.  just used this for a few times, can't give much comments yet.  so far so satisfied.
  • Guerlain, L'Or Essence d'Eclat a l'Or Pur/ Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold - used this as a moisturising primer.  I love this.  had done a short rave review done here, ages ago.  I love this, but not the price. 
  • Lancome, Photogenic Lumessence Smooth Radiance Cream Foundation #O-015 (discontinued and was made in japan!) - very smooth, very moisturising, decent coverage, photogenic.  must be expired according to the strict rule of make up shelf life.  but I still use this on myself.
  • Suqqu, Dual Effect Powder Foundation in 102 - have been using this non-stop since June.  in this look I added this on areas where I needed more coverage, e.g. my chin and around nose.  can you roughly see the dent I made in the pan?  :D  So smooth so good! 

lancome foundation unblended

lancome foundation blended
suqqu - 2 shades swatched

suqqu on top of lancome

More face products.  I didn't wear a blush because I knew I would go and get touch-up and try the new blushes.  :D  Hence I only used the Illamasqua as a highlight and to add some colour.

  • Illamasqua, Powdered Metal in Thalia - stunningly gorgeous and 'metallic' when applied heavily. and when applied lightly, very pretty and sweet and sparkly
  • Beautymaker by Kevin, Mineral Loose Powder in #Natural 自然 - used this all over my face in a thin layer to set everything.  just an 'okay' product.  
  • Bobbi Brown, Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Pale Yellow - used this to set concealers under my eye only.

festivity, eager over festivity, eager

For lips I layered two different MAC shades,

  • MAC, Festivity (Frost) - the lighter peach, worn all over the entire lip as a base.
  • MAC, Eager (Lustre) - the fierce semi-opaque coral, placed in the middle, blended outwards.

Self Portrait over-load:

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Before I take this weekend off blogging, here I present a conclusion and summary of my Blogust'12, non-stop blogging August.  Don't worry, I will return next week with the announcement of the giveaway winner, and many more interesting posts.  :D

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. You looked so gorgeous (and your eye catching outfit too)!

    Admire girls who are able to use a wide range of colours for their eyes. I have unusually bulging eyes so I stick to safe choices for eyeshadows. Thick false lashes are totally out of the question - do not want to look totally unapproachable ;p

    1. Thank you Kay :")

      Well, basically I have no eye definition or shape at all, just very basic normal small Asian eyes. that's why i love doing eye make up. it is fun and i can definitely tell the difference LOL. Hmmm, I think different eye shapes are fun to play with, maybe you can do matte-dark colours to let your eyes sink in a bit? use lashes with longer hair on the outer corners instead of long in the middle (near iris), so that your eyes won't come forward and bulge more.... false lashes are so fun and transforming and there must be some styles good for you!

  2. Love the eyeshadows - such pretty colours that are right up my alley! :) The lashes look lovely on you as well.

    1. yea. isn't it surprising how neutrals can excite us like brights? :D thx for complimenting on my lashes - i love them on me too :):)



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