Friday, 10 August 2012

Okay Mask: Body Labo Super Moist

Warning: There is nude faces of mine in this post.  Brows were shaved off due to an insane approach to change my brow shape for a certain make up look.  Lashes are sparse, naturally.  Freckles and discoloration are very prominent due to sun exposure and extreme tardiness to care for skin.  If you're prepared, please enter/ read/ view at your own risk.  ;)

Full Name: Body Labo Super Moist Crystal Touch Collagen Revitalizing Mask 骨膠原活膚水潤面膜

Price: around hkd $10-15 at mannings

Texture: soft cloth.

Cutting: well-cut, fit my contours very nicely

Scent: a little obvious when opened, but fades during the 20min wear time.  alright scent

Lotion: plenty, watery, soothing

Effect: overall complexion brighter, more even.  skin is calmed.  moisturised and soft.  not sticky.

Plastic Insert: no insert.

above: before.  below: after.

Good: very soft cloth, skin is left with decent moisture and not sticky

Bad: the scent is slightly cheap, can't put my finger on that....

Hurray, Okay, or No Way?  Okay.  (if you don't know what this nonsense parameter is, please check this post of mine)

Repurchase?  Perhaps.

Recommend?  Yes if you haven't yet found a sheet mask with very soft cloth, or you don't mind a little fragrance in your mask.  :)

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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