Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Event: MAC Style Seeker Party

Thank you Felix@fashionography-x and my friend G for inviting me to this amazing MAC party!  Last Friday, we went to the MAC Style Seeker Party, where snacks and drinks are served alongside the new collection of make up - equally yummy!

I managed to take some nice pictures of the party, a few close-up shots of the products, my face before and after the touch-up with the new collection AND swatches of the blushes!

the sticker on my arm! :D

The party began with a performance of African drums and dances.  This coincides with the theme of Style Seeker, which is a blend of tribal colours, travelling, inter-cultural influences, etc.  I love the warm colours which are abundant in this collection!  Although I tried on the cool-tone eyeshadow duo, I did also wear the warm orange lipglass and the bronziest blusher I've ever worn out in the Sun Moon.  Not the most comfortable (comfort zone extension!?), but definitely fun!

After watching the stage for a while, my friend and I went to line up for the free touch up service by MAC's professional make up artists.  Of course they used the new Style Seeker products on us!  On me, the adorable MUA (make up artist) used Whims and Fancies Eyeshadow X2, Eclectic Edge Lipglass, and Worldly Wealth (Frost) Powder Blush.

Below you can see my before and after pictures.  For the before pics,  I wore falsies and not much colour because I knew I was going to get some fun new stuff to play with.  I'm planning on writing a FOTD (stay tuned!)

BEFORE I LEFT HOME for the party:

Below are the 'after' photos with the sweetest MUA I have ever met.  *sorry I didn't ask for her name - regretsss*~~ She darkened up my crease with the Shadowy Lady (Matte) in the eyeshadow duo, with fabulous blending, and highlighted my lids with Performance Art (Veluxe Pearl).   My eyes were definitely smoked up and GLAM.  Worldly Wealth, the 'very' metallic + frosty + bronze-y gold blush was used as a bronzer/highlight on the tops of my cheek bones.  Eclectic Edge was simply applied and blended on with whatever was left on my lips after a few bites... :)  All she used was #217 brush for the eyes, and #109 for my blush.  I remember she also did blot my shine with some prep and prime pressed powder with THE #138 brush!

I look so tan and fierce next to her :P  She even helped me set out the products when I was taking their pictures - BONUS.  The pics didn't do my make up justice 'coz I was tired, the day was humid and hot and some photos were taken at the pier, late night!

AFTER the fantastic make-over/touch-up:

Finally, some close-up shots with the products, and swatches of all the three blushes!

Blush swatches from left: Worldly Wealth (frost), Hidden Treasure (satin), Supercontinental (satin)

I can see that Supercontinental will work with and flatter a LOT of local women, while the other 2 are a little tricky.  So glad that my MUA tried Worldly Wealth on me to experiment the possibility.  Make up really shouldn't have rules to follow, right?

I had so much fun that night, especially satisfied with the make-over/touch-up service by the sweetest MUA I have ever met.  One little serious regret, my friend and I left without the little gift bag of make up.  I would really want to try the collection in depth!  Note to self: need to visit their counters ASAP to check out the new Electric Cool pigment/eyeshadows, and to see when Style Seeker will be released!


Hope you enjoyed my post and the little swatches.  Feel free leave your questions or comments below~ :D

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. ah looks like so much fun!! Both your before and after pics are gorgeous!! I love the top you are wearing too. Supercontinent looks so pretty, I will def be looking out for it!

    Cherry Lane xx

    1. @Kiran, thank you for the compliments! Yes I think Supercontinental is very lovely too~ My dress was a souvenir from India, I guess I need to do a OOTD as so many of you remarked on that :P

  2. Hi my name is BoBo. I m MAC event artist who did your makeup.Hope you enjoy our party!!!

    1. Hi Bobo! I enjoyed the party very much! May I know where you're working? I'd love to play make up with you again :D

  3. Awesome post Jacq!! You look gorgeous!! I love your makeup, and I want that top you're wearing!!!

    1. Thanks Liz. :") The outfit I was wearing was real Indian dress, not just a top.. perhaps I need to post a clear full-length picture of it :P

  4. Wow the event looks amazing! I wish they have one in Toronto too! Thanks for writing about it :)

    Mimika's Little Wonderland

    1. @mimika, you're welcome. Thx for reading~ The party is pretty amazing! Apparently they have it every year but this was the first time I've been to one... perhaps there's one Toronto too, you just need to find out and get invited! Good luck!

  5. looks like a fun event, nice eyeshadow shades.

    1. Thank you Christina~ It was quite fun, wish I can go to more parties like such... I'm still contemplating about this line, shall I buy or shall I not? :P



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