Thursday, 2 August 2012

Free Firmoo glasses, Now! 個性太陽眼鏡 (合作文)

Last week, the company Firmoo ( contacted me and asked if I'd like to review their eyewear on my blog.  After browsing through their store and realising that they do polarised sunglasses for my non-prescription eyes (is this a formal term?); I think "Why not?"  and picked a pair.  It's my pleasure to do so for my readers, plus, they have a free pair with first purchase promotion.  If you're interested, please read on!

上星期 Firmoo 廠商聯絡我,讓我選一副眼鏡試戴。由於我眼睛不需要矯視,加上我手邊已經有幾副比較"正路"的太陽鏡,於是我便挑了一副"不正常款"。。。


Everything came in a bubble-padded envelope.  Inside, glasses travelled in a sturdy case, and the accessories came in a sleek black pouch.  Inside the case, there's a layer of bubble wrapping and a (lovely pink) cloth around the glasses.  I find this neat, functional and offers good (adequate) protection.




Besides the nice study case the glasses came in, there's also a black pouch containing a mini screw driver, several screw nails and a pair of nose pieces.  I'm not too sure if I will ever use them, nor do I know how to use, but they're definitely good to have - given that my other half, and 4 out of 6 in my family wear glasses!




The model I have chosen is called "Unisex full frame wrap-around metal sunglasses" (link: Unisex full frame wrap-around metal sunglasses).  I picked the "Chocolate" colour, out of the two they offer.  There is also a "Black" one.

It is a very quirky, on your face frames.  Definitely more 'statement' than your everyday shades (e.g. those I showed in previous post here).  It has a sturdy metal frame that has a little bit of weight, doesn't scream luxury but borderline classy!

From the website I learnt that, the glasses are actually polarised and good for my eyes.  I'm not a pro in optics so I can't tell you the difference.  Anyway, you can definitely read more if you're interested!


這個圓形款我選了巧克力色(我的最愛),另外還有黑色的。連結:Unisex full frame wrap-around metal sunglasses。




I feel like this is the funniest pair of sunglasses I have ever owned!  from the sides it look alright and pretty interesting, but looking in the front - this gives such character and humour to one's face!

It wears very comfortably due to the nose-pieces (is that how to call them?), and fits my face nicely.  Love!



Read more: To make more people try Firmoo’s quality products and excellent service, Firmoo has a Free for New Buyer program - customer can get a free pair if that is their first purchase at Firmoo - to know more about this, please check at


Yay!  This is the 2nd day of "Blogust".  Come back every day this month for more awesome blogposts!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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Disclaimer:  I was sponsored the pair of glasses, and I used an affiliated link in this post.  The opinion I shared is as honest and accurate as it can be.  I am not paid to do this review.



  1. I love them! so retro and cool. I need to find a pair like this for myself =D
    Not that we have a lot of summer in the UK =(

    1. Thanks Sam - I find these a little too retro for every day. but very fun for special dates/occasions!

      I definitely need more sunglasses than Sun. It is too sunny and hot and humid now i just want to hide in a air-conditioned cave!

  2. Replies
    1. @isnan, yes they are! do you wear glasses? :D



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