Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Instagramming #12

1. lunch was a pastry from city super, and a starbucks frap.
2-3. my city view from upper deck bus.

1. 午餐:咖啡和玉米批
2-3. 上層巴士的風光

4. my dirty converse without its shoelace, on the street.
5-6. nail art by jen.  (her instagram is jenho_sk)  Using Ciate, No7, OPI and Etude House nail polishes, she gave me pastel union jack nails!  If you want a blog post, comment below and I will give my sister some pressure ;)  hehe
7. ex-employer
8. many tourists pay visits to Hong Kong for its night view, jumping on a double-deck bus, checking out the bright lights along Nathan Road.  for me?  this is part of my daily life.  I'm learning to appreciate my city.
9. I've been wanting to get the nude tude palette from the balm.  but it is so marked-up in Sasa I'm still with-holding the purchase.  (Read Hakme's bilingual review here.  She is a fellow Hong Kong beauty blogger who blogs bilingually!)
10-12. Went on a week's trip to Taiwan.  Sunscreen, luggage, passport and boarding pass.
13. Waiting our luggage at KaoHsiung airport
14.  OOTD + FOTD + NOTD = LOTD.  Wearing the newly acquired Shiseido Integrate eyeshadow palette in the limited edition shade.  Lovely!
15.  Japanese fruit beer.  Yummy ^.^

4. 我沒有鞋帶的鞋子。行人路。馬路。一線之差。
5-6. 妹妹 jen 幫我畫的粉色系 *米字國旗* 指甲彩繪!
7. 前公司
8. 在巴士上層看的香港彌敦道夜景。有多少旅客不辭勞苦,到此一遊,看此一眼;我竟不廢吹灰之力!
9. 在莎莎玩試色,對 the balm nude tude 很有興趣,可惜香港的價錢不友善。美國便宜多了。。。(請到這兒看香港朋友黑咪的文章-也是雙語的 blog!)
10-12. 臺灣暑假旅行-從屏東玩上臺北。帶了塗了大量防曬也是曬傷了!
13. 在高雄機場等行李
14. 從高雄到墾丁當天的穿搭+妝容。用了新買的 integrate 四葉草限定色~很好玩的一個配搭~
15. 嘗鮮。日本的果味啤酒~

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I realise my Instagramming posts are not very beauty-related, read at your own risk/interests!  To show my other blog some love, I'll be posting (these instagramming posts) alternatively here, and over there.  You may have notice I jump to #12 from #10, that is because  #11 was up a few days ago! 

Also, I'll be following Sandra's footsteps (I'm such a lame copy cat), to do the "Blogust" challenge.  Hopefully I will be posting at least one post every day in the month of August.  Come back for more randomness by Jacq!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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