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Blogust #7 - Swap with hdbeauty from Spain

Last year, this time, I was in Madrid, celebrating the World Youth Day with millions of Catholic Youth, religious, and the Holy Father.  This year, this time, I have a lovely swap with a friend from Spain!

Beatrice, who is known as @hdbeauty on instagram, is one of my first instagram friends.  She always posts what make up she uses, cute things, her boys, or other bits and pieces on instagram.  Check her out and follow her if you like her, like I do!  Anyway, this is a swap we discussed over a few emails, which I send her mostly Korean and Japanese stuff, and she sent me European make up.  I have swatched most of the make up so you can find their swatches on my hand with natural lighting at the end of the post.  Overall, I'm more than happy with the products I received and I look forward to use them in more depth! :D

Essence stay with me longlasting lipgloss in #07 Kiss Kiss Kiss - I previously got two bright and fun shades from my Italian swap, so I asked for more!  It is very creamy, smells pleasantly of sweet berries, wears comfortably and fades beautifully.  The shade is a medium red with an almost neutral undertone.  I may do a comparison or lip swatch of these "stay with me" glosses if any of you request!

Essence I <3 b="b" base="base" eyeshadow="eyeshadow" stage="stage">- It has a concealer tint to it.  Helps eyeshadow to appear more vibrant and does keep the colours longer.  Haven't tested it out heavy-duty-ly on my eyelids yet.  *hey, the weather and humidity in HK is not favourable for much make up, fyi*  

Essence mini lipgloss set in #04 London Calling - there are 3 shades in the set.  a clear sparkly one with pale pink and baby blue iridescent.  a coral-ish baby pink.  and a slightly mauve-y rose pink shade.  the textures are similar to the longlasting lipglosses, but more sticky.   also has a cherry scent instead of a sweet berry one.

essence eyeshadow base unblended, and blended

from left: essence #kisskisskiss, essence mini trio, inglot sleeks cream lip paint (see below)

Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow #040 Lord of The Blings - Catrice makes really really good make up.  This is like a benefit creaseless cream shadow or perhaps a mac paintpot, only shinier and much cheaper.  Lord of the Blings is a brilliant neutral taupe.  High Shine.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in #260 Blue's Brother - Haven't tried yet.

Catrice Million Styles Effect Top Coat in #C05 Return of Space Cowboys - very interesting!  i just painted a coat of this over my bright red nails and it turns the red into a purplish bluish poisonous shade.  I will try to do some NOTD or nail swatches later!

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in #400 My First Copperware Party - smooth, satin, sheen finish.  very soft and blendable.  colour swatched below.  This is a dark brown with a hint of red.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in #410 C'mon Chameleon - an interesting duochrome much like MAC Club eyeshadow.  I can do a comparison later, again, if anyone's interested :P

from left: lord of the blings, copperware party, c'mon chameleon

INGLOT!!!!!!!!!!!  I have wanted to try Inglot for EVER and never had the chance to.  Thank you again to @hdbeauty to purchase these for me!!!!!!

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint in #108 - a very pretty girly pink.  medium to deep, bright.  the texture is so creamy and thick, like a liquid lipstick (it is lip paint, not gloss).  pigmented.  tastes of sweet vanilla.  swatched above with the other lipglosses.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in #Matte 342 - I wanted this to be lighter, as I love medium to light taupes for creating my crease (genes didn't gave me prominent features), but this is a little bit too dark.  neutral enough to do brows, or crease work.  There is a serious lack of good matte shadows in my collection.  I am thinking of acquiring more... *note, already order a few from Illamasqua, they're on their way*

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in #Pearl 399 - a medium cool-toned pink, silvery pearl finish.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in #Pearl 423 - medium to dark brown, also peraly satiny finish.  has more purple than the Catrice My First Copperware Party.

above from left: the three inglot shadows, matte 342, pearl 399, pearl 423

below are all the 5 eyeshadows swatched next to one another.  the top row is primed with the essence eyeshadow base, the middle row is primed with catrice cream shadow lord of the blings, the bottom row is my bare skin.

the five shadow from left are catrice my first copperware party, catrice c'mon chameleon, inglot matte 342, inglot pearl 399, and inglot pearl 423.

Then there are some extras including a marshmallow (consumed before I manage to picture properly, but it is on instagram...), perfume samples, skin care samples, a pair of earrings, and the makeup pouch you see in the beginning of this post.

Johnson's baby Fresh wet wipes - very handy to use for wiping off swatches on my hands <3 p="p">

Rochas Paris Les Cascades de Rochas Eclat d'Agrumes Eau de Toilette (samples *2) - fresh, very easy to wear.

Montagne Jeunesse Fresas Con Nata Mask - this could be the strawberry souffle, or the strawberry and cream 'gel' mask.  I don't know :P  But excited to try this soon too!  this mini sachet is the perfect size!  the usual Montagne Jeunesse masks are too big for 1 application!

Inglot Under Makeup Base - face primer.  will see how good it is!

Sfera earrings

Go to Beatrice's blog to take a look - she may be writing about what I sent her, who knows!? :P

If you haven't already, please go join my Blogust Giveaway.  I will be getting the prizes ready and announce that soon.  If there are more participants, there will be more prizes!

Finally, if you're interested in my nails, please visit my other blog, www.jacquisition.com.  My sister did my gradient nails, and she may be writing a post on them soon.  ;)

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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  1. great swap BUT COOLER NAILS! NOTD post soonish??? =D

    1. @sam dear, i already told my sister you like her design, and she said you can refer to her explanation on the blue gradient (link: http://www.jacquisition.com/2012/06/greetings.html)

      i will keep 'chasing' her to do a post on my purple nails. :P

      otherwise, you can also google 'ombre' or 'gradient' nails. there are tons of pic-torials or youtube!

      :D :D

  2. Loving the nails! The eye shadows are beautiful! I would love to see them on you *wink wink*

    1. @Ari
      my sister loves hearing your compliments. i will encourage her to do more nails (and mine, in particular) XD
      ok. try to do some fotd with the eyeshadow... but i don't always picture and blog about my fotd... bad blogger :P

  3. Catrice and Essence are amazing brand's. You have to try Flormar too!! :)

    1. @littlehappyheave,
      Catrice and Essence are amazing indeed! Never tried Flormar, is it also Europe exclusive? :D let me ask my swap buddies for some :P

    2. flormar is turkish brand and i think it's also europe exclusive. their nailpolishes, blushes and lipsticks are amazing! :)

    3. @LHH, thanks for introducing that to me. but it is not available in my last swap buddy, perhaps i'll wait for the next. :) love nail polishes and blushes, can never have enough of them!!! :D

  4. Everything looks so tempting! Loving the Catrice items you got

    1. CATRICE is fantastic! and for 2 or 3 euros each, they are unbeatable! i want to take a flight to europe now just for catrice! :D

  5. Does swap means that you have exchanged your used or completely new stuff? I ve never swapped but I know that perfume lovers like to do that.:-)))
    Lubka K.

    1. Hi Lubka, it really depends. For each swap we can set a different budget, and specific items, and used or new products. :) usually we discussed over email and then confirm. I have done a few swaps before and all are different 'rules'!

      read more about swaps i did here: http://www.beautysketchbyjacq.com/p/swaps.html



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