Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sketching on Others - Girly Glamour

Meg was in the same class with me 10 years ago, credits to her amazing memory.  I gave her this little makeover based on some pinky bronze shades she wanted to try, and her pretty salmon pink outfit.

2012-10-01 update: I just realise I have put wrong watermark on these pictures.  But jacquisition is my other blog, in case you wonder.  I did not, for sure, steal these pictures!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Koji Spring Heart Eyelash #06 Elegant Long

False lashes are more almost as important as mascara and/ or concealer to me...  My natural lashes aren't long nor voluminous enough to be picked up by camera nor a mascara wand.  Any type of sparse or natural style of false lashes will help even on a daily basis.  Yes I know, the idea of "natural fake" lashes is rather absurd, but in this post I'm gonna share with you one of these lovely creations.

Asian brands make amazing lashes, not only are the factories good - Chinese and Indonesians are some of the best - but the design/ quality control work is even more impressive - Koreans and Japanese rule this area.

Koji (link) is a Japanese company that makes lashes under different brand names, including Spring heart (link), Dolly Wink (link), Takako (link).  I love their lash glue, too!

You can get really good quality and crafted lash curlers for different lengths and curves from Koji.  On the other hand, they make double lid glue and tapes (probably more popular amongst mono-lids Asians) under brand names Eye Talk (link).

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Birthday Wish List 2012.1

My birthday is in mid-October, and I'm allowing myself to splurge a little, but only after serious sensible consideration and research...

These lists help me collect my mind, and possibly, by making these lists, I could buy less this month (already failed a few times).  If you guys have any opinion on any of the items, whether you like them, recommend them, hate them, or what not, please let me know.

List #1: 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sketching on Others - A Perfect Canva

Dorothy was a friend I met in University through Catholic Society.  She's a rather quiet, down to earth, girl-next-door girl.  She doesn't wear make up regularly, and is interested to see how she would look like with make up applied.

A Perfect Canva.  To begin with, and to summarize this make up experiment, her skin is amazing.  Near porcelain and baby-butt soft (no offence).  Not even pores or blackheads on nose!

Tricky thing.  Dorothy's eyebrow are thick.  This is a good, very good thing, as brows I have seen and touched are often tending towards to sparse side.  These are thick and dark, so probably only need some brushing and at most clear mascara.  However, I didn't pay enough time grooming/trimming them this time, so will probably need to get back to these next time.  No worries though, perfect arch aren't achieved in one tweeze.

Envy.  Mono lids are common among us Asian/Chinese, I myself have semi-mono lids (or hidden double lids).  But Dorothy's lashes are thick and long.  Especially her lower lashes.  Even fuller than falsies!

Results?  I started off with a simple everyday neutral look (in my definition anyway), and then transformed that into a blue tone mermaid-ish look.  And finally a green forest fairy hybrid of some sort.  It was fun.

Next time?  I am afraid pastels would work better for her fair complexion than heavy metal.  So perhaps I shall pack some baby turquoise, mustard green and milky lavender hues to try on her next time! :D

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sketching on Others - Mother of the Bride Look

Amelia is my aunt.  After seeing my work done on Honor (post here), she generously let me hijack her face to practise.

Aunt Amelia's request was simple.  Simply something that look polish, put together and elegant. Nothing too loud, I'm a little worried I would over-do her.  Turned out?  She has AMAZING skin to begin with, so it was easier than I thought.  I just need to be light-handed and keep colours neutral.

The results?  She was comfortable enough in the make up that she wore it to have lunch with me outside.  :D I guess that means I passed the test?

Fun Fact.  I used quite a number of Estee Lauder products this time, as subconsciously, I link the brand to more mature skin?

Disclaimer.  I have forgotten to bring along my own camera, (loser), hence I borrowed uncle's camera.  I didn't spend enough time testing out the setting so, let's pretend the images are professional.  hehe.

Friday, 14 September 2012

FOTD Friday - Innocent Eyes

Early this week, my friend had an appointment with me to do her make up.  She sent me some inspiration images, and I figured why not try it on myself first?

Basically the eyes focused on bringing the eye-line down, slightly winging the lower eye line downwards, which sort of make the eyes more innocent.  We usually do upper wings to look cat-like naughty and flirty.  But the downward style is the opposite.  Drag our eye shape down and drop our lethality.  If done correctly, can actually make your eyes rounder, more kawaii (cute) and young looking.  :P

Colours of the inspiring look are gold and subtle copper.  I tried to stick to that and made some adjustments.  For the lashes, I wore pretty natural elegant straight top falsies, and skipped the lower falsies, purely due to running out of time.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

DIY - Lipstick Palette

In view of my uncontrollable sized collection of make up, I have decided to chop off my lipsticks in batches, and palette-ize them.  My first palette consists of lipsticks I use the least often, and the oldest, as I was not sure how the process will turn out.  I thought if the project fails, I can still get away with trashing this palette.  Anyway. Now this is done and pretty satisfactory.  Despite the content is a bit old, I think I can still give these lippies some good uses before I bid farewell to them.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sketching on Others - Inspired by a Fashion Show

Inspired by some images I saw in the London Autumn/Winter 12-13 Fashion Show of the brand Mary Katrantzou.

The look was a bare face, minimal shading, minimal brows, no colour on the cheeks and just lip balm.  What stands out are the eyeliners.  I love the statement it makes and the shape.  So I borrowed Jen's face and practised using gel liner.

At the end of the photo-taking, I decided to ruin elaborate the look a little by adding colour.  It was fun, but I  think I prefer the clean original look more.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

August Acquisition - Part 1

I have bought too much so I had to break this up into two posts.  Crazy I know.

Good things.  1st, I like the things I got.  2nd good thing, I will be too busy in September I'd probably not buy anything.  3rd good thing, I'll be withholding my purchases so as to justify spending a little more in my birthday month, i.e. October.  :)

Friday, 7 September 2012

FOTD Friday - Arabic in Pink

I took the inspiration of this look off one of my favourite youtuber, and altered the colour combination.  I also wanted to give some products I got from a nycmakeuplover1's blog sale (link here) a good try.

Confession.  I do not have a mirror wide enough, nor enough sight-width to look at both of my temples simultaneously.  Hence the two eyes ARE NOT symmetrical, or at least, not as symmetrical as I would like them to be.  Anyhow, this is a practice, and my skills are many more practices before reaching perfection, if that day would come!

Excuse my hair.

Warning.  This is heavily loaded with pictures!

Regret.  I shaved off the tails of my brows for the sake of this look and they still haven't grown back fully!!?!?!?!?!?!?

If you would like to see what I have used, please read on.  

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beautiful Blue NOTD

Got this amazing nail colour from an international swap with amazing Sara (link).  It is the prettiest blue and prettiest glitter nail polish I have in my stash, and I have a big collection!

Essence is not a brand available in my city, but I do have a few of their products, from swaps and from trips.  Generally it is a very nice brand, and together with the offering of Catrice (the other line), Cosnova seems to be spot on on making good priced good quality drugstore beauty products!  LIKE!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sketching on Others - K-pop Inspired

In the month of September, I pledge to try my best to practise doing different faces, as much as I can.  Playing with one face, mine, is not fun enough for me.  Everyone of us has different skin types, shades, hair/ eye colours, bone and facial features.  We have qualities we want to highlight or hide.  On the other hand, we all have different tastes and looks we'd like to achieve!  So I went ahead and asked my family and friends to lend me their faces.  I would have sought their approval before posting their pictures in public.

This first week has been so far so productive.  Let's begin with my lovely cousin, Honor.  :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tag: How much does my face worth?

Or rather, how much make up did I use today?

I read Sam's lovely post on this tag, and I am so desperate to do this that I immediately dig out some expensive products to do a pricey face.  *Hey, 'cause she used Chanel loose powder, MAC foundation and lipstick, so I HAD to take a good revenge.*  This is the most expensive look I put together just for this tag's purpose.  Usually I'm not that loyal to any of my expensive or cheap products so I tend to mix and match, skip or forget some of the steps.  I am planning to do the US$20 make up challenge next, so as to contrast this expensive look.  Comment below if you like this (expensive) or that (20dollar challenge) idea!

I used some filter/ special effect in the graphics above (the moving .gif file), but the images below are not colour corrected.



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