Monday, 10 September 2012

August Acquisition - Part 2

Continuing from part 1.... More items I acquired in August... 

First off, a short trip to Bonjour (pharmacy-ish beauty store) yielded these:
  • Hada Senka Mineral UV SPF27 PA++
  • Bandai Rilakkuma Baby Shampoo - because the bottle is so cute
  • Miffy Green Tea Baby Wipes - an economy pack of 3 times 80 pieces
  • My Beauty Diary, 2-Step Africa Hydrating Pack - reviewed here
  • My Beauty Diary, 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack - reviewed here

  • Laura Mercier, Secret Finish - gift from Honor, my generous cousin who lent me her face (link)

I went a little crazy in Sasa with those neon coloured feminine napkins (don't mind how I call those, you know what they are).... and a went away with a few sets of limited edition combo false lashes.  There is no need for more lashes to add to my collection, I just WANT them.  KOJI makes marvellous lashes, besides these Spring Heart (link to jp homepage), Dolly Wink (the japan site) is made by them too.

  • Koji Spring Heart, Limited Set #01 Natural (with extra pair of #11)
  • Koji Spring Heart, Limited Set #02 Natural Cute (with extra pair of #12)
  • Koji Spring Heart, Limited Set #06 Elegant Long (with extra pair of #14)

And because Spring Heart #06 wears extra flattering on my eyes, I went out and bought 3 sets more.  LOL. Please excuse the Disney Cars bandages, I hurt my legs wearing a new pair of boots out... :P

  • *3 -  Koji Spring Heart, Limited Set #06 Elegant Long (with extra pair of #14)

Sasa was doing some clearance with past season's Red Earth pretty make up, so I snapped up a few pieces.

  • Red Earth, Ocean Treasures Blushing Compact #Pink Horizon - very lovely in the pan and equally attractive swatched.  can't wait to wear this!
  • Red Earth, Ocean Treasures Baked Eye Shadow Duo #Shell/ Mother of Pearl - amazing combo.  I can't take my eyes off the pale cream shade.  in my opinion this would work as a brilliant inner corner highlight!

  • Red Earth, Ocean Treasures Hydrating Lip Gloss #Golden Coast
  • Red Earth, Ocean Treasures Hydrating Lip Gloss #Coral Coral - both of these have amazing gold shimmer running through it.  Smells of vanilla, nice, and is smooth and comfortable when applied.  I planned to keep these in my kit ;)

And then from the other brand that Sasa carries, Pupa, I also managed to find a few pieces of 'limited edition' products on clearance.

  • Pupa, Blue Paradise Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish #714 - a lovely blue/ turquoise.  you know from my previous haul post that I'm lacking nail polishes in certain shades!
  • Pupa, Very Vintage Luminys Satin n Shine Silky and Pearly Baked Eyeshadow Duo #03 - a lot of high end baked eyeshadows/ cosmetics come from Italy.  why not get them cheaper from an Italian brand?  The champagne glitter side is silky soft and smooth, not chunky.  The peachy pearl side is pigmented.  
  • Pupa, Blue Paradise Luminys Baked Eyeshadow #03 (link) - an impressive bright turquoise, aqua shade.  all of these baked shadow can be used wet or dry.  i believe this colour will be perfect for a mermaid or beach theme make up.

Remember the Illamasqua haul I blogged about in Blogust?  They left out a concealer from my order, so they sent me back.
  • Illamasqua, Under Eye Concealer #UC135

Then, as I preannounced in my previous Illamasqua haul, I made another reasonable sized order in order to obtain the free Liquid metal in all 3 shades.  Lame Jacq.

Haven't yet swatched all of them, so perhaps another blog post on these if you request!

  • Illamasqua, Liquid Metal #Electrum - gold
  • Illamasqua, Liquid Metal #Phenomena - silver
  • Illamasqua, Liquid Metal #Enrapture - bronze, this one I already own, so would probably giveaway, stay tuned!

  • Illamasqua, Powder Eyeshadow #Jules 
  • Illamasqua, Powder Eyeshadow #Vernau
  • Illamasqua, Powder Eyeshadow #Heroine
  • Illamasqua, Powder Eyeshadow #Sister - yellow
  • Illamasqua, Powder Blusher #Disobey

Jules, Heroine, Vernau, Disobey.  Can't you tell I'm really into different shades of matte brown!?

  • Illamasqua, Nail Top Coat
  • Illamasqua, Nail Base Coat
  • Illamasqua, Nail Varnish #Throb

  • Illamasqua, Lipstick #Maneater
  • Illamasqua, Intense Lipgloss #Succubus
  • Illamasqua, Sheer Lipgloss #Lily Rose

My sister won the #lovelylanolips competition on instagram, and was sent a gift package!  She was so nice to let me share these with her.  YEAH~~

  • Lanolips Lovely Lanolin, Golden Ointment A Super Moisturiser - a heavy duty life-saver for cracks.  I will give this a try on my feet, esp. the ankles! **by the way, the name and the ingredient lanolin reminds me of the Golden Fleece in Greek Mythology.  :D
  • Lanolips, 101 Ointment - one of my favourite lip treatment~~~!  this packaging comes with a white top! (right now I'm using a gold lid one from a holiday set)
  • Lanolips, Lip Ointment with Colour SPF15 #Apples - i have not had this shade!  nice to have~

Picked up two eyeliners with a sale, and from another occasion, obtained a free cleanser sample.

  • Colour Sense, Vivid Glam Eyeliner #46102 - brown
  • Colour Sense, Vivid Glam Eyeliner #46100 - purple
  • Biore, Mild Facial Foam - used up one last month, reviewed here

Finally, some souvenirs from family on their holiday trips, plus the Body Shop items my mum bought with her membership discount.

  • The Body Shop, Double-Ended Blackhead Remover
  • The Body Shop, Honey n Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask - replenished one of my favourite masks of all time.  reviewed long time ago here
  • Crystalline Excellence Glass File - love from Czech
  • Naraya Tiger-print make up pouch - love from Thailand

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Red Earth blush is very nice and all illamasqua stuff :D

    1. i know they do, let me give them some good use!

  2. i need to stop looking at these posts because they make me jealous as I am on a spending ban =(

    1. Sam, i am going on one in the month of Sep too. :P but i already failed once, 'coz my local pharmacy is discontinuing GOSH... and I picked up a bunch...

  3. I'm also on a no buy, but like seeing what others get! Fulfills me (just for a bit and then I want to shop!)

    1. (i failed in Sep for the no buy...) i guess i will have to do it again in november... as october is my birthday month... hehe



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