Thursday, 13 September 2012

DIY - Lipstick Palette

In view of my uncontrollable sized collection of make up, I have decided to chop off my lipsticks in batches, and palette-ize them.  My first palette consists of lipsticks I use the least often, and the oldest, as I was not sure how the process will turn out.  I thought if the project fails, I can still get away with trashing this palette.  Anyway. Now this is done and pretty satisfactory.  Despite the content is a bit old, I think I can still give these lippies some good uses before I bid farewell to them.

What you'll need:

1.  A bunch of lipsticks.  My palette has 24 wells so I sorted out 24 tubes.

2. A clean palette.  I bought mine at a craft store, which sells these to hold beads and hooks.  Cost me around US$3.  I wiped the interior of it carefully with alcohol wipes.

3.  A cup, a spatula, and alcohol.  I filled the cup full of alcohol (percentage high enough to kill bacteria), and dip every single lipstick in the cup before I scoop the bullet into the palette.  Spatula is helpful to push the bullet down into the palette, as well as spooning out the remaining lipstick 'residue' in the tube.

4.  Cotton buds, or Q-tips.  Used these to clean up the edges of different wells, as that can be pretty messy.

How I organized my palette:

Before dipping the bullets into the cup of alcohol, I swatched every one of them on my arm, to check their shades and finish.  As this time I picked my lipsticks based on how rare I used them, instead of their colour family, the palette looked kind of random.

I tried to put the brighter ones on the right, and duller ones on the left.  Top is warmer and bottom is cooler.  But it is not definite as I move on, I kind of didn't give a damn.  :P  Anyway, just a brief rundown of what colours are there in my palette, for a record.

1st Row:

  • Estee Lauder, All-Day Lipstick #All-Day Caffe Latte
  • Daiso Winmax, Blue Aqua Lipstick #6
  • Daiso Winmax, Blue Aqua Lipstick # 7
  • Boots Natural Collection, Sheer Natural Lipstick #Sorbet
  • Boots Natural Collection, Moisture Shine Lipstick #Rose Petal
  • Daiso Ellefar, Round Lipstick #L25

  • NYC, Ultra Moist Lipwear #301 Cafe
  • L'Oreal, Color Riche #800 Fairest Nude
  • Estee Lauder, Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick #09 Venetian Rose
  • Daiso Ellefar, Square Lipstick #W23
  • Daiso Ellefar, Square Lipstick #W21
  • Clinique, High Impact SPF15 #12 Red-y to Wear

  • Clinique, Different Lipstick #Tenderheart
  • Clinique, Different Lipstick #Shy
  • L'Oreal, Color Riche #516 Secret Garden
  • Maybelline, Water Shine Hyper Diamonds #05 Orchid Prism
  • Shiseido PN, Round Lipstick #RS214
  • Daiso Ellefar, Square Lipstick #W25

  • Shiseido PN, Round Lipstick #BR317
  • Bourjois, Vitamin Lipstick #Brown (label missing)
  • Bourjois, Vitamin Lipstick #55 Cassis Blackcurrant
  • Daiso Winmax, Blue Aqua Lipstick #9
  • Shiseido PN, Round Lipstick #PK327
  • Shiseido PN, Colour Lipstick #PK390
One more image of the palette:

Hope this is helpful to somebody.  Thx for reading!

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I've heard about melting the lipsticks and then pouring them in to the pallets. But this looks nice too. :)

    1. @pinkii ii, thx! i know about the melting method but that sounds too messy (melted lipstick will run everywhere) and i am afraid i will burn myself...

      this look neat enough for my use :D

  2. I love the idea and the presentation of these! It was very simple and easy to follow too! Great job Jacq! <333

    But I think if I had my lipsticks this way it will continue to sit in my desk.... I can never find a lip brush when I need it.... but mostly because lip brushes are so hard to clean!!! haha...

    1. thank you Ari :)

      I did this and I actually did use a few of them, more often than none in the past monthssss... hehe... plus it is pretty compact to carry in my suitcase when I need to!

  3. awww. that look very nice! I made a palette with 4 lipstick but somehow it is not practical because if I go out I bring lipstick with me. :)

    1. @littlehappyheaven, yes, in my everyday make up bag and own use i tend to go for sticks and gloss instead of palette. but to save space and help myself use these rare lippies more, it is good for me. ;)

  4. this is an awesome idea. I have tonnes of mac lipstick that I don't use so I should totally do that and then claim my free mac lipstick right. Also I saw a blogpost similar years ago and the girl sliced up the lipstick and ti fit better. Might be doing this but the thought of cutting a lipstick is painful!

    1. mmm.. i'm not sure about cutting up all of my MAC lipstick just yet (i only have half a dozen of them anyway)... I have a melted creme d'nude that i plan to include in my next palette...

      when time comes i may actually push and 'mesh' the lipstick a bit more so they look more pressed in the palette... let's see.

  5. I did this but I melted the lipstick and poured them all into a mac palette, it was fun to do but I vary rarely use them! xx

    1. 2wanderlust, I see. I don't have a spare MAC palette and I find this very helpful as it is clear top! I do reached for this quite often now, in fact!

  6. Wonderful color palette lipstick. Can I find similar colors of cosmetics brand Yves Rocher?

    1. hi blogatka, thx for commenting! I am not very familiar with yves rocher, never tried their lipstick, so I can't tell, sorry!

  7. Where did you purchase the container?

    1. I purchased them from local craft supply store... The place is called Shum Shui Po. You can probably find similar containers from ebay/online?

  8. Where did you purchase the container?



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