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Sketching on Others - Girly Glamour

Meg was in the same class with me 10 years ago, credits to her amazing memory.  I gave her this little makeover based on some pinky bronze shades she wanted to try, and her pretty salmon pink outfit.

2012-10-01 update: I just realise I have put wrong watermark on these pictures.  But jacquisition is my other blog, in case you wonder.  I did not, for sure, steal these pictures!

Easy part.  Definitely the lips and cheeks, which took me perhaps 3 minutes in total?  The eyeshadow placement is also relatively easy, 'coz Meg has beautiful eyes.  I spent extra time trying to bring the focus to lower lash line (playing with gel liner), and more time to blend the pink bronze eyeshadow to the desired shade.  But all in all, these eyes aren't very difficult to achieve.

Challenging part.  The foundation and brows.  Meg doesn't wear much foundation/base daily, and she mentioned that she doesn't like high coverage base that look like 'makeup'.  However, she does have inherent pigmentation/freckles that I wanted to tune down for this glamour look.  So I spent time layering a medium coverage foundation, until effect desired.  The brow hair is there, quite plenty, but the colour is very faint and not groom to a nice shape.  I also spent time trimming and brushing them.  Not yet perfect in any means, but I can fine tune it next time, right? :D

Results?  Pretty.  I am not just naming this Girly Glamour because I love alliteration (who doesn't?).  But this look with the rosy pink bronze shadow and smoky liner - glamour - does look very girly and not aging on Meg.  Probably coz she has a sweet smile and cute hair cut and, most importantly, coz she likes it!  Make up that we like will add confidence and minus some years from our look.  Agree?

I'll leave you with a bunch of photos, and some discussion on the products used at the end of this post.  ENJOY!

Pictures by Meg using her own iPhone:


Pictures by me, before/after:

More pictures:

Products Used:

Megdalene was wearing some eyeliner that day, which was wearing off, so I had some clean-up before the touch-up.

Face and Brows:
  • Etat Pur, Micellar Cleansing Water - clean up
  • MAC, Oil Control Lotion - Meg's skin was slightly dry, but in this super hot and humid weather, I applied a little bit of this as a base
  • Neutrogena, Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup #40 Nude - applied with a sponge.  pretty good coverage I'd say~
  • Beautymaker BB Mineral Concealing Cream #Natural 自然 
  • Vichy Dermablend, High Coverage Corrective Foundation #G34 - mixed with the Beautymaker above to concealer where needed
  • Kiss Me, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder #01 - used a slightly higher coverage powder to set the concealer and t-zone.
  • Sleek Makeup, Blush #Suede - a perfect match to Meg's outfit and complexion!
  • Farmasi, Eye Brow Pencil #01 - Meg's eyebrow hair is very pale in shade, definitely need more shading, but I didn't do too much this 'first' time.  
  • MAC, Paint Pot #Soft Ochre - applied with a brush as eyeshadow base
  • Kate, Metallic Eyes 4 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2012 Limited Edition #BR-2 Pink Brown - the lightest shade as highlight, medium colour as lid colour, dark colour as lower eyeliner
  • Gosh, Brow Kit #001 - the lightest powder blended in the crease/socket to add depth
  • Sleek Makeup, Eyeshadow Palette #Original - the pink bronze and bronze brown, middle two shades of bottom row, blended on the lids.  pale gold colour used in the inner corners.
  • Etude House, Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner #2 Secret Black - it is a shimmery gunmetal black, softer than flat black.  used this to sketch the eyeliner shape
  • Black Gel Liner #02
  • Za, Impact Lash Mascara #Volume - applied with a mini toothbrush, to upper and lower lashes
  • False Lashes - the 1st pair on the right in the box below (稀疏 assorted sparse set).  the pair I used was short, with cluster of lashes.  lovely.  similar to the #357 in this post. (link)
  • Koji, Fix for Eyelash #White - dries clear, love this stuff
  • Lanolips, 101 Ointment - to prep lips
  • Red Earth, Hydrating Lip Gloss #Golden Coast - just a sheer wash to balance out the eyes

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. love this look esp how you did her eyes! u r really talented girl :)

    1. Thank you, Mimika! I spent extra time in getting the pink/bronze shade right. Glad it pays off!



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