Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tag: How much does my face worth?

Or rather, how much make up did I use today?

I read Sam's lovely post on this tag, and I am so desperate to do this that I immediately dig out some expensive products to do a pricey face.  *Hey, 'cause she used Chanel loose powder, MAC foundation and lipstick, so I HAD to take a good revenge.*  This is the most expensive look I put together just for this tag's purpose.  Usually I'm not that loyal to any of my expensive or cheap products so I tend to mix and match, skip or forget some of the steps.  I am planning to do the US$20 make up challenge next, so as to contrast this expensive look.  Comment below if you like this (expensive) or that (20dollar challenge) idea!

I used some filter/ special effect in the graphics above (the moving .gif file), but the images below are not colour corrected.


I am doing the calculation in US dollars for convenience.  Most prices are looked up on the internet.

US$40 - YSL, Touche Eclat #2 - highlight under eyes, around nose, etc.
US$64 - Chantecaille, Tinted Moisturiser #Alabaster - used all over my face.  surprise: it is made in japan.
US$29.95 - Sheer Cover, Duo Concealer #Light/Medium - used the pink shade to cover around nose, and dark circles.  you can get the kit cheaper, but individually this costs around $30, i think.
US$134 (10,500 yen) - Suqqu, Dual Effect Powder Foundation #102 - Suqqu is very expensive, and worth the penny.

US$91 (7,140 yen) - Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #12 Konruri - i used the champagne on my lid, light brown on the outer corner, and pale matte pink as a brow bone highlight
US$29 - Burberry Beauty, Sheer Eyeshadow #06 Almond - crease colour.  very very very lovely medium brown

US$87 (6,825 yen) - Suqqu, Nuancing Cheeks #EX-02 Kohakushui - I only used the coral on the right, as an accent colour.
US$42 - Burberry, #08 Misty Blush - used this all over my cheeks

US$37.5 (2,940 yen) - Addiction, Lipstick #Baby - gorgeous pink.  applied directly from the bullet.
US$0 - Rock and Republic, Extremist Mascara #Noir - Tao sent this to me.  I LOVE this mascara.  it is unusual for me to find new mascara love.  but this has a more than pretty packaging, nice wand, and most importantly, a dry formula that works for my lashes.  exceptional for a western mascara to work on me!  **too bad this should have been discontinued**

I used 3 eyebrow pencils just because I was fussing around with my no-tail brows, on any other day, 1 pencil is more than enough!   And I realise I do not own any expensive brow products, except perhaps some Calvin Klein brow pencils that don't suit my colouring now.  Shall I invest in some expensive brow stuff?  Suggestions are welcome!

US$1.3 (105 yen) - Daiso, automatic brow pencil #Brown 
US$1.3 (105 yen) - Daiso, automatic brow pencil #Dark Brown 
US$4.5 (HK$35) - Naris Up, Brow Up Pencil Eyebrow #Light Brown
US$23 - Clarins, Crayon Yeux #02 Brown - upper liner
US$15 - MAC, Pearlglide Eye Liner #Molasses - upper waterline/ tightline

Some self-portrait poxn and then we have the total amount $ added in the end!

Face: 40+64+29.95+134 = 267.95
Eyes: 91+29+1.3+1.3+4.5+23+15 = 165.1
Cheeks: 87+42 = 129
Lips: 37.5

Total: US$599.55

I won, Sam, I piled on a few times more worth of products than you do in one go!

**disclaimer, this is not bragging, nor showing off, just a vengeful reply to a tag.  and, to show my expensive make up some love.  :)

over-exposed prettiness.
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  1. £377!!! You doubled me!

    oh wow I think you are the highest I have seen. To be fair, I didn't add skincare nor did you but I've seen some add that too. If I did, I would prob make 300.

    That foundation is soooo expensive! shocked face =/


    1. suqqu is very expensive, but i feel like they worth the price tag. evil suqqu!

      if i also count the skin care i put underneath and the tools i used... then it would be much higher, i'm afraid. :)

      what a fun tag :D

    2. I know, I think everyone got a little shock of how much their face costs! If you think about it technically, we only us a little bit so it#s not worth that much really.


  2. US$599.55 ??? omg, all my makeup costs about $700 (maybe) :D :D

  3. wow...

    Suqqu brow products :P

    The k palette real lasting eyebrow liquid pen is as good but cheaper.

    1. thanks linda, perhaps i can get some of those expensive brow stuff to test out :D

  4. Replies
    1. yes yes. burberry is another brand that is expensive and 'seems' to worth the money! their eyeshadow is so smooth so pigmented and so lux!

  5. wow! The Suqqu Eyeshadows look really nice, makes me want to get one myself, BUT I will restrain myself haha.

    1. Honestly, not many people can tell the difference of suqqu and other eyeshadows when applied on the face.

      But they are really superior in quality and so nice to have. Love it and Hate it for the price!

  6. Love the look! I can't do the $20 makeup challenge... the eyelash curler alone will ruin me... haha

    I wonder how much my face costs....

    1. hehe. i am thinking of using cheapy US$1 or $2 lash curlers, and wear falsies. that might work better than curler + mascara (these two already exceed $20, for me too)



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