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Bioderma Micelle Solution - Quick Make Up Removal

I love cleansing waters, for several reasons.  Don't get me wrong though, the fact that I cannot live without them, has no implication that I can live with this ONLY.  Cleansing waters are great, but ONLY for several reasons.  Let me use the 'cult' Bioderma as an illustration on how it cleanses, what I use cleansing waters for, a not-so-related demonstration, etc.

First of all, you'll need your cleansing water, and some cotton pads.  For my demonstration purpose, I used a bunch of pads, mainly because my make up was extra heavy.

If you are interested in this crazy make up look, go to the blog post titled "Halloween: Poker-face Maneater". (link)

First, the packaging of Bioderma.

Bioderma is quite reasonably priced, but it came with a clumpsy bottle with  no pump dispenser.  Some of the Japanese offerings do have the pump ready, but they cost a little higher than Bioderma.  So, I guess the convenience is reflected in the price.  For ease of daily usage, I squeezed a good bunch of my 500ml bottle into a medium and a small pump dispenser.  I got mine from Anthong, a local beauty store, and I believe you can find similar things at ebay or muji or container stores, etc.  The squeezing process was unavoidable because the bottle opening design of Bioderma does not allow the entire lid to be removed - just for your information.

Bioderma makes several formula of their cleansing water, or micelle solution, or micellar water, whatever.

This Sensibio pink one is for sensitive skin.  I also have the other Sebium green one for oily skin - which I have yet to try.

In the past, I have owned and used the White Objective whitening one (white/grey packaging) - which I love.  And the Hydrabio moisturising one (blue packaging) - which I hate - it was way way too sticky and suffocating.

The good things about the Bioderma micelle solution include quick removal of make up.  For non-water-proof products or mistakes, one or two swipes can take them down.  Moreover, these wiping won't irritating your skin too much, and leaves skin fresh and READY for make up again.  If you use harsher methods to clean, you may need more skin prep to start afresh again.  If you use oilier, more effective removers, you need to take away the grease before make up re-application.

This Bioderma pink version, for sensitive skin, is fragrance free, oil free and decently moisturising.  It can be used on the eyes, and on mine, it is not irritating.

I can apply make up right away after removal using Bioderma.  This is very helpful especially when I was correcting mistakes I make, changing looks, or working on models where it is no possible to visit the sink again and again.

However, the bad things are, with my stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner, Bioderma does nothing.  Honestly, even with my good durability foundation or stuff, I feel like it doesn't cleanse thoroughly enough.

It is not the most environmental friendly way to remove make up with cleansing water, or Bioderma micelle solution.  You consume a lot of cotton pads with this method.  Whereas if you use cleansing balm or milk, you can use a cloth or towel; if you use cleansing oil/foam/gel you work with your hands, etc.

I can totally understand why 'pro' make up artists so highly recommend this product.   Because if you work at backstage, and time means so much to your work.  This type of micellar waters work wonderfully.

To me though, I would die if I can only use this for make up removal.  As that means I have to part with my beloved water-proof make up.  :P  Also, constant rubbing my skin with cotton pads for make up removal would probably leave me wrinkle-ful.

My random review ends here.  This is a Hurray product to me.  But this cannot replace all my other methods of cleansing and/or make up removers.

Now do not ask me why I kept the Ace of Hearts on my face.  Sanity sometimes goes to party, leaving me at home doing things I do not understand why I do.

We're near the end of this dis-organised blogpost.  Can you think of any questions or comments for me?

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this nonsense.  LOL

Thank you and see you tomorrow with another blogpost.  OMG I ripped my false lashes apart - I have only worn it for an hour!?!?!?!?


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  1. lol!! I couldn't stop laughing while reading this post!

    I was actually thinking about buying the bioderma yesterday because it is such a revered product. I love my waterproof products so I think I will stick to cleansing oils. Now that I think of it... I think most of my makeup I favor is extremely waterproof... o.O

    1. yea. not the best thing for water-proof-makeup-lovers. it has its strengths and selling points, but it is not a does-it-all product ;)

  2. I totally agree, as an effective makeup removeer it didn't perform so well, especially on removing eye makeup. I went through 4 or 5 big cottons pads to remove my makeup. At first, I thought I was maybe wearing a lot so the next day I wore lighter foundation and it did the same. It does leave my skin feeling very moisturied but I use other methods to remove makeup


    1. yea Sam, it is good, but not the best and definitely cannot replace other remover/cleansers. :)



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