Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Deborah Lippmann and Nails Inc NOTD

Bad bubbles appeared when we paint our nails.  Can you see that on my little finger (pinky)?  It has happened to me quite often recently.  I have found out the reason, and I'm going to share with you why.

The NOTD is rather simple.  A nude paired with a grey.  But it bubbled.  So I took it off after these pictures.

What I used:

  • OPI, Nail Envy Original - the convict.  this caused bubbles on me, my mum and my sister.  no matter what other nail polishes we worked with, or how long we wait it to dry.  sentenced to landfill.
  • Nails Inc., #Codagan Square - a neutral camel nude.  it feels kind of like, wearing a foundation 1 shade darker than my skin tone, on my nails.
  • Deborah Lippmann, #Stormy Weather - the grey on the ring finger.  creamy smooth cement colour.  sophistication and coolness.
  • Kiss, Quick Dry Coat - a Japanese brand.  Jen, my sister, regards this very highly.  I quite like it too!

Why are there bubbles?

From what I have learnt and what I experienced, several factors can cause nail polish to bubble up on your nails.

1.  First, oil or moisturiser residue on nails - remove with alcohol or nail polish remover before polishing.
2.  Second, old enamels can thicken and may cause bubbling; mixing it with thinner is okay, but a fresh bottle is best.
3.  Third, don't shake your polish bottle to mix the polish. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands.
4.  Fourth, if you use a spray-on nail polish dryer, don't hold it too close to the nail or over-apply. Finally, be sure the first coat of polish is completely dry before applying a second coat.

Feel free to add more ideas or share your knowledge with me/us!  :)

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