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Dolly Wink #10 Sweet Cat Lashes

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A short review for one of the more popular Japanese/Asian lash brand in the web.  It is from the brand Dolly Wink manufactured by Koji.  Koji makes very nice lashes under other brands as well, I have reviews one 'holy grail' style from Spring Heart in this post - link - as well as featured a pair here - link.

These Dolly Wink lashes retail in sets of 2 (and occasionally 3 pairs) for 1,200 yen (USD $15).  I got mine a little bit cheaper from local stores, around USD $13.  They come with a little tube of good quality use-able Koji glue that I like a lot.

Sweet Cat comes in the purple packaging in the centre of the picture above.  *In case you don't read the little words in the picture.*

The lashes:

I own most styles of Dolly Wink lashes, this being one of my favourites.

The model for this style is #10 Sweet Cat.  The style is medium length wispies.  Definitely longer at the outer ends.  Wispies in my interpretation means natural kind-of-messy criss-cross, that means not the xxXXxx kind of designs.  Those standard big xxXXxx criss-cross works better with more significant double-lids, or naturally longer and thicker lashes, again, in my opinion.  Sweet Cat gives eyes a soft 'sweet' but also semi-sexy 'cat'-eye effect.

A pair of lashes can last a few good uses depending on how you treat and store them.  The Dolly Wink Sweet Cat wears very comfortably.  However, these aren't the most sturdy of all kinds I've tried, so I suggest be gentle with handling.

On my eyes:

You can easily tell which side is 'with', which side is 'without' lashes.  In the last photo I have Sweet Cat on both eyes.  FOTD will come soon, I promise! :)

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