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Finished Fortnight #1 - After a short trip

First of all, I acknowledge that I have only done my previous empties post less than a fortnight ago - link.  However, as some of you may be aware of, I went on a short trip for my birthday last week, hence I brought alone a bunch of samples and travel sizes and products on their last legs to use up.  Therefore, this post.  Also, I am kind of tempted to do this series called 'Finished Fortnight' because I'm really going through things so fast

Secondly.  Inspired by the neat hotel room we stayed in, which was the Holiday Inn at Sands Cotai Central, I came home and decided to clear out my family wash-room   Turned out, I clear out a dozen of empties and old stuff that have to be tossed.  I pictured them and included them below for whoever information/reference too.  If I have tried those, I would also do a short short review and rating with them if I have tried them personally.

By the way, I have updated my giveaway - link - with the little prizes I have put together, so please check that out.  Do not enter it because of the prices (they are pretty unattractive anyway).  Do enter it because I'd love to have interactions with you guys!

Things I used up in my short trip (#249-256) :

  • Alverde, Wildrose Tagescreme/Vanishing Cream - Okay - My mum got this for me while my parents were away visiting Germany.  Alverde was one of the brands I have requested her to shop around for.  This cream is thick but quite quick-absorbing.  Has a lovely rose scent and does improve skin's feeling and look.  However, the shelf life is short due to the ingredients (all organic or natural?) and the packaging is a bit 'meh'.  I have good impressions with this brand but I'm not sure with this item in particular.
  • Rexona Women, 24Hr Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 'Cotton' - No Way - Sticky and nearly 'suffocating'.  Smells clean but isn't sticky an enough drawback?
  • Burt's Bees, Extra Energizing Citrus and Ginger Root Body Wash - Hurray - Very gingerly and invigorating and refreshing.  I really think the 'extra energizing' claim is there.  Not drying either.  You doesn't need a lot of this to foam up or to enjoy a full shower.  It lasted both my fiancé and me the entire 4 days, probably 10 showers?  I'd seriously consider getting this in full size!
  • Pantene Clinicare, Hair Time Renewal One Wash Treatment - Hurray - I've talked about this many times.  Like the product itself a lot, and love the tube packaging.  If used sparingly, it can be used for 2 washes.  Very convenient for short trips.
  • Pantene Clinicare, Color/Perm Damage Repair Treatment - Okay - Good, but not spectacular.  
  • Nivea, Pure and Natural Body Lotion For Normal to Dry Skin with Bio Argan Oil - Okay - Decent stuff.  Moisturised well, but I feel like it absorbed rather slowly.  Not thick enough for overnight use either.
  • Kracie, Aroma Resort Lovely Bath 'Happy Sweet Peach' - Hurray - Gem of the trip.  I purchased 2 packs of this in the Sasa Macau as I thought I didn't bring along any bath products.  I got 2 because I am not sure how concentrated this stuff is.  Turned out, 1 pack turned a full tub of water into a sweet peach indulgence.  It is so good (and affordable) I'm thinking of getting the other scents and their body lotions too!

Some skin care bits (#257-261):

  • The Body Shop, Natrulift Firming Serum - Okay? - I will probably give this a 'No Way', because it is the emulsion/creamy kind of serum that I'm not particularly fond of.  However, I still have a good few samples of this lying around so I'll give this a few more goes before I decide on it.
  • Missha Super Aqua Marine Forest Lifting Serum - No Way - Kind of a hydrating and lifting serum.  It doesn't have instant effect, and the consistency and scent is pretty mediocre.
  • O'Slee, Aqua Medi Refreshing Hydro-Cream - No Way - Pretty fresh and hydrating, but not moisturising enough.  Just doesn't impress me at all.
  • O'Slee, Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III - Okay - I have used the previous version of this and find that alright.  This 'advanced formula' seems decent.  If I get another sample of this I wouldn't mind to use.
  • Missha, Speedy Solution Clearing Gel Eye Patch - Hurray - Nice stuff.  Very good design/packaging with the plastic insert that assists you to put the mask on.  Does hydrate well, and help with puffiness a tad.  I won't pay for the HK full price though.  Ridiculously marked up.

And then onto the stuff I cleared out from my family wash-room....

Mayblesally, Style Rubber Hair Wax
Gatsby, Moving Rubber 'Spiky Edge'
Gatsby, Moving Rubber 'Grunge Mat'
Rexona Women, Body Responsive 'Cotton Fresh' Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
Adidas, Team Force Deo Body Spray
Adidas, Action 3 Intensive Anti- Perspirant 
Gatsby, Deodorant Spray 'Cool Marine'

Bioglo, Ceramide Intensive Repair Hair Moisturizer Leave-On - Expired.
HairTec, Intensive Serum (for hair) - No Way - Greasy.
Prexceed, Hair Water - Okay - But I don't style nor treat my hair often enough.  Expired.
Shiseido, Pimplit Acne Remedy - No Way - I remember this is a weird-coloured cream which was not effective at treating acne.
Essence, Eye Makeup Remover - No Way - Read my previous post for further info - link.
Neutrogena - Pure Glow Daily Cleansing Cushions - No Way - Also mentioned in the same post as above - link once more.
Neutrogena, Ultra Sheer Sport Sunblock Lotion - Okay - I used this, and then lend it to my sister, and then it's now expired.  Not with a bad price or quality, but not the best thing ever.
Jean Philippe Paris, 'Glow by J.Lo' Fragranced Gentle Deodorant Body Spray - Okay? - I don't like aerosol type of spray, but I bought this for my sisters.  Turned out, no one wants it.  It is some kind of 'dupe' but I haven't smelt the original J.Lo Glow to compare.

What have you used up recently?  Do you want to read my 'Finished Fortnight' if I really do it every other weekend?  :P

2012 Empties, updated on 28th Oct:
Jumbo Size: 3 + x
Full Size: 55 + 3
Deluxe Sample/Travel Size: 57 + 2
Samples: 67 + 7
Sheet Masks: 56 + 1
Random/Extras: 42 + x

Project 20 Skin Care Update: 
Start Date: 1st November, 2011
Balance Brought Down: 56.25
Finished: 1 full size, 4 travel size
Total Finished: 2
Distance from Goal: 54.25, updated on 28th Oct.

Project 20 Body and Hair Update:
Start Date: 15th February, 2012
Balance Brought Down: 16.5
Finished: 2 full size, 2 travel size, 3 samples
Total Finished: 3.75
Distance from Goal: 12.75, updated on 28th Oct.

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