Friday, 5 October 2012

FOTD featuring Koji #14 Lashes - 5th Blogtober

It's Friday, time for Face of the Day!

I bought a few sets of Koji #06 false lashes, which I regard as holy grail status, and they came with free pairs of #14.  With four to five pairs of these on hand, I figure I should give this a go in daylight, to see how wearable or 'unwearable' these are...

#06 Elegant Long is very natural, everyday lashes, and I have done a full review on that already - link.  These, #14 Sexy Rich Long, on the exact other hand/end, are very dramatic.  They are shiny looking, synthetic material that doesn't look real nor natural.  Everybody knows you're wearing falsies when you throw this on.  It is called Sexy Rich Long, and I do agree with the description.

To put together this look, I did a soft bronze eyes, light coral cheeks, and pale peach gloss on the lips.  Simple.  Effective.  Just to make the lashes stand out basically.

Koji, Spring Heart Eyelashes #14 Sexy Rich Long


BRTC, Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream - seems dark, but blended in it turns lighter to match my colour.  Reviewed in more length and depth (link).
Za, Skin Beauty Two Way Foundation #21 - just a tiny bit applied with Real Techniques Contour Brush (one of my favourite brushes from RT!) to set the BB cream
Sleek Makeup, Face Contour Kit #Light - I like both shades to contour and highlight.  over-done my nose shadow a little with this.  oops.
Naris Up, Brows Up Pencil Eyebrow #Grey #Light Brown - tails in grey, whole brow blended with light brown.  Holy Grail brow pencils!

Mememe, Blush Me! #Rouge - applied in a slanted manner slightly below the cheek bone

Bourjois, Delice de Poudre Gold Bronzing Powder #54 Special Cheekbones and Decollete - what a name!  limited colour long time ago.  very pretty gold bronze, high shimmer.  used this as a base on the lid to warm things up
The Balm, Shadylady eyeshadow #Insane Jane - on lids over the Bourjois gold bronzer
Bobbi Brown, Eye Shadow #Espresso - applied wet to tight-line
Majolica Majorca, Neo Automatic Liner #BR622 - sketch out the eyeliner shape desired
Proofit, Gel Liner - used to disguise the false lash band
Luminous Change, Eyelash Glue
Koji Spring Heart, #14 Sexy Rich Long

MAC, Lipglass #Ember Glow

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Lovely makeup! You look amazing!

  2. Can't get over how gorgeous you look, I adore the bronze eye look with peachy lip. I'm getting into peach shades, makes me want to recreate this look but my skin is nowhere near as nice as yours.

    1. You don't have bad skin! There must be a peach-bronze combo good for you~ just give it a few tries!

  3. you look stunning, your skin is flawless!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a dixi arrow bracelet. it's worldwide :)

    1. Hi Helen, thanks for commenting. I may have flawless skin, but that's due to the BB cream I'm wearing~

  4. beautiful - you look like a model xx

    1. thx Sam. I am 30% overweight to be a model in this sick city! LOL

  5. I'm still a little bit intimidated by falsies, but this overall look is beautiful! :)

    1. these falsies are really fake. start with the short and more 'sparse' ones. false lashes are SO life-changing. seriously!

  6. great look! it's so cool on you! sophisticated, even light i would say but still a bit edgy :) love it!



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